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*Smaug face*

i am back from Japan (it was amazing as always) and i'm still sorting through 1800+ photos of the trip but in the meantime here are some (occasionally grainy) photos of my anime merchandise haul, mostly for sodamnquirky!

i spent an absolutely ridiculous amount of money but you will note all most of these are useful household and/or stationery items of great usefulness!

anyone who tries to tell you it is a collection is a slandering slanderer who slanders. /coughs

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ETA (next day) And it looks like they've removed all AO3 works, or at least un-indexed. I didn't send them anything but my works are no longer showing up in searches. OTW magic or twitter magic, either or

so there's this website called ebooks tree -- i'm not giving them traffic, just google it and it's the first result. if you search your ao3 (or wattpad, if you publish there?) username you might find that one or more of your stories have been made available as pdf "ebooks"

AO3 and the OTW are aware of the issue: AO3 has already taken steps to make scraping more difficult, and the OTW is considering further steps they can take as an organisation. The OTW also advises sending these people DMCA takedown notices

however please read this before you send them anything, ok? ok <3

(i'm not around to talk about this as i have a fic chapter to finish today but i'll be around tomorrow if you have input/want to vent/etc)

Japan \o/

I keep wondering what I should post about on here but it's like, wow, I haven't made a real post in an age and a half. There have been pretty huge changes in my life since I last properly updated but I don't really want to talk about those (not for any sad/bad reasons, I just don't wanna :Dv). Many things are still the same though -- I continue to be sports anime trash, for example. Though that's not really "the same" from this journal's POV, since "the same" here would be HP fannishness, and that's just not a part of my life the way it used to be, nor do I think it will be again*.

how do I bloge


I'm going to Japan in a couple of weeks so that inspired me to finally put up the photos from last spring's trip (other than the ones of my Free! fan trip to Iwami). They're all in a collection on flickr but mixed in with the 2011 trip photos (i only keep my flickr organised thematically) -- the newest albums are listed at the top, and a bunch of spring photos have been added to the Kōkyogaien and Ueno summer albums (the new ones are with all the cherry blossoms :D)

Anyway, some of my favs are under the cut.

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Hopefully after this year's trip I will upload the photos soon after I come back. ^^

*I am going to Leviosa though because, I mean. Vegas. July. Geeking out at a resort. 8) hmu if you are going/thinking of going!

Mar. 28th, 2015




bleach psa i guess!

i've pretty much had it up to here with Kubo dedicating serious pagetime to casual transphobia and cannon fodder characters, so i'm going to take an extended break from doing chapter summaries - maybe they'll come back and maybe they will not idk, if something cool happens to a character i actually care about, i'll likely just yell about it on Twitter like i yell about everything else (follow for more yelling)

but hey who knows i might actually start using LJ as a personal journal instead of the diary of a gradually disappointed bleach fan... ;p

Bleach 589

Bleach 587

Almost a week late orz I kept putting off reading it because I was emotionally unprepared and then the new season of Free! ate me.

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