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Bleach 495

Bleeding Guitar Blues

Uh... NaNaNa? Kubo is clearly throwing in the towel. >_> I fully expect a person named LaLaLa ICanNotHearYou to appear now.

On the other hand, that they are talking about Kira's death or lack thereof is giving me hope. *HOPES*

AHAHA AND KIRA APPARENTLY HATES (HATED? D:) HIS NEW CAPTAIN. Perhaps because the captain keeps trying to get into his pants.

Rose is kind of cool, okay.

I... I CAN'T. *_*

All the other match-up shots will be more interesting once the opponents are actually introduced, so I am skipping them for now. I am getting a Soul Society-arc-type vibe from this, but this was also true of the beginning of the Fullbringer arc and that turned out to be quite different, so we will see!
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