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LoTR rant

Rant for goneril.

I love the Lord of the Rings movies. Shit, I wear a replica of the Precious around my neck at all times; this is a lot more than I can say for my Slytherin scarf (which can only really be worn in colder temperatures). I think Peter Jackson did an amazing job of capturing the world Tolkien created. The movie made me cry for Boromir like the book never did, and the White Rider scene in addition to Shadowfax's appearance still fill my heart with fangirly glee and adoration even if I so much as think about them.


WHY THE FUCK DID THEY HAVE TO BUTCHER FARAMIR? In the books, Faramir is wise, noble and deliberate; he is everything Boromir wasn't and couldn't be. The movie portrays Faramir as a less powerful and more bitter version of Boromir, basically Boromir Junior with a differently shaped chip on his shoulder. WTF? SAM COMPARED FARAMIR TO GANDALF IN THE BOOK, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! THERE WAS A VERY GOOD REASON FOR THIS!

In the books, the minute Faramir realised what Frodo carried, he didn't even THINK TWICE about waylaying him any longer, he was STRONG ENOUGH to resist the Ring's pull. WTF is up with him trying to send the hobbits to Denethor? Faramir in the books was much more like Strider (down to the Numenorean ancestry and respect for all things elvish) than any other character. Now, I understand that the filmmakers wouldn't want to have a character who was so much like Strider, but THE MOVIE CHARACTERISATION OF FARAMIR COMPLETELY UNDERMINES THE POINT TOLKIEN WAS TRYING TO MAKE ABOUT THE RACE OF MEN!

Not to mention it makes Faramir a much worse match for Eowyn. PETER JACKSON, I BLAME EVERY FARAMIR-MARRYING!SUE ON YOU! Of course Suethors picked up on the fact that Eowyn wouldn't want someone like movie!Faramir as her husband. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF HIM BEING LIKE STRIDER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Eowyn had a love-on for Strider. Strider was going off to become ZOMG RULER OF EVERYBODY and was all aflutter for Arwen (whose movie version I'll never forgive for not letting me see Glorfindel who is IMHO a much more interesting character...). Ahem. Right, Eowyn. Enter Faramir with his ancestry, his wisdom beyond his years, his quiet inner strength -- a perfect match for Eowyn if she can't have Aragorn. The movie version of Faramir totally destroyed what made that pairing work. Enter the squealing fangirls, the end.

PJ says in his defence that he just wanted to add more tension and did end up having Faramir let the hobbits go, but WTF IT IS NOT THE SAME! It's on par with Boromir's redemption, only Faramir looks a lot weaker by comparison, because the whole POINT was that he did not HAVE to struggle internally; he was STRONG ENOUGH TO RESIST THE RING'S PULL IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Also, I poked around before I posted this and I see people at various fora discussing the movie "characterisations" of Faramir, Treebeard, etc. IN DEPTH. OMGWTFCASSEROLE? The movies are just glorified fan art -- very pretty, very moving, but THEY ARE NOT CANON! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE REDEMPTION OF FARAMIR" IN THE LORD OF THE RINGS 'VERSE. GAH! Faramir never needed redeeming in the first place plzkthx. XP

And as a bit of bonus!drive-by pedantry: speaking of Faramir, his Ranger outpost and PJ's lackadaisical approach to geography... Henneth Annun is on Anduin's east side. Osgiliath's defenders are on the west side. Frodo, Sam, and Gollum head into the Ephel Duath from the east side after Faramir lets them go. Yeah, people can just cross the Great River without any risk from oh, say Sauron's minions or DROWNING whatsoever. *headdesk*

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