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Rant: Next time you belittle someone for liking a kink, think of Red Bull.

Okay. Dude. I can't believe that there are wankers out there who would put down a person for having a particular kink (in fic or otherwise). I just can't fucking believe it.

See, I'm pretty vanilla in what I like -- I'm not an avid reader of smut by any means and I prefer plot development, characterisation, nifty new details, and stuff like that over pornography because I'm just not interested in reading smut for the sake of the smut itself. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A BETTER PERSON THAN SOMEONE WITH DIFFERING PREFERENCES.

In fact, it says nothing about my personality that I am not a huge fan of smut fic. I'm not a big fan of pornographic videos, either. This does not mean that I'm frigid or uninterested in sex; I simply don't care much for reading/writing about fictional characters doing it (or watching actors do it). Furthermore, if I see another wanker postulate that the people who write slash/het/bestiality/whatever are just sad sods with no sex lives, I'ma fucking asplode.

I detest romance novels and I hate chick flicks with a passion. I'm not much for historical fiction unless it's written by Alexandre Dumas or Maurice Druon. I like brainy science fiction and psychological thriller flicks. I like science fiction, fantasy, detective and spy stories. I read and like Tom Clancy, goddamnit; ditto Stephen King and John Grisham. They may not be shining beacons of light in the literary world but dammit, they tell good stories. I'll take a story that can suck me in over a story that uses words like "soporific" or "jejune" and means them -- any. Fucking. Day.

I am also not a fan of cooked bean sprouts; I prefer them raw. I hate Doritos, too, but I love Pringles. I dislike Pepsi and prefer Coke, but I'm actually much fonder of Red Bull. I love mornings and I'm also a huge fan of evenings and especially quiet nighttime, but I'm not fond of afternoons because they are unfortunately ordinary. I'm a smoker who likes smoking and I have no intentions of quitting ever. I'm aware of the health risks involved and no, that doesn't make me an idiot. I read the fucking Surgeon General's report and understood it.

Guessed what I'm getting at yet?

Someone who likes chan is not a pedophile. Someone who likes necro is not an axe murderer. Someone who likes watersports or scat is not sick in the head. Everyone's buttons are different. I don't like necro or chan or watersports or any of the "common" squicks; furthermore, I never actively seek out kink!fic because it's just not my thing. That, however, does not give me the right to label anyone who does like and read kink!fic or squick!fic. I could argue emphatically about the "canon" or "literary" merit of kinks in HP fic, for example, but I have NO RIGHT TO PASS JUDGEMENT ON PEOPLE'S PERSONALITIES BECAUSE THEY HAVE TASTES DIFFERENT FROM MINE.

Neither do you.

This has been brought to you by the words asshat, wanker, tosser and hypocrite, liberal quantities of Red Bull, the Rant Fairy™, and the letter F.
Tags: meta:fandom, rant
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