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3 LotR drabbles

I got distracted by Dune (in an awful Russian translation, but whatever) and haven't been writing much, but here are drabbles, as requested. :D

For arabwel: fluffy Elrond/Celebrian
"It was here that I first saw -- and loved -- thee, though I have said nothing ere this day."

Elrond stops speaking, tears his gaze away from the tops of the trees, turns to look at her. Her back is turned and he cannot see her eyes, but her voice is as though birdsong on the evening air. He could listen to her speak forever and only stop to hear her sing. He waits for her to speak, not daring to breathe.

She turns around and smiles. "Lord Elrond, I will wed thee, for I feel quite the same."

For ciela_night: Elladan and Elrohir
"I wish to seek our father's counsel, Elladan."

"We cannot tarry, Elrohir," countered his brother, running a hand down his horse's mane. "The southern wind is dire, and our message urgent."

"Our father is wise. Hearts may be swayed were we to have his word behind us, should it come to open war."

Elladan glanced at the road. "Very well, let us make haste." They tethered their horses and entered Imladris together.

And so it was that the brothers Elladan and Elrohir claimed Elrond's counsel when it was time to take a stand beside Elessar in the assault on Mordor.

For sophia101 Arwen and Eowyn
When she arrives, Eowyn understands.

The elven lady who some say would eclipse Luthien herself! No shieldmaiden of Rohan could compete against that sort of beauty, grace and wisdom.

Eowyn casts a glance at the former Ranger of the North, now King of Men. She's glad, for never before has she seen such joy in the eyes of another. She knows the story now, but she regrets nothing.

When Arwen Evenstar passes, Eowyn bows her head but does not lower her gaze. Their eyes meet and the glance that passes between them tells both everything they'll ever need to know.
Tags: fic:fandom:lord of the rings, fic:length:drabble
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