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Matrix drabbles

Drabbles for people who have requested them! \:D/ 100 words each.

[I'm really rubbish at these request things, aren't I? I always get them done, but when is a big question. :P Just the HP drabbles left to do now.]

For risilisi Morpheus/Trinity goodbye scene that should have been in Revolutions

She gave him a wary look. "Don't try it, Morpheus. I'm going with him, I have to."

Morpheus smiled. "I just wanted to say good luck."

They embraced, and for a moment Trinity felt like she was thirteen again, clinging on to his neck for dear life when they'd pulled her out of the sewer.



"Thank you."


"It was an honour, sir."

"No, the honour is still mine."

Trinity watched as the door slid closed in front of their faces. She would never see Morpheus again.

She'd be damned if she knew why she was so sure.

For incroyable Neo/Trinity - one evening in the Neb. Talking about Trinity's past.

"So then what happened?"

"Morpheus. He found me and pulled me out a week later."

Neo gave her a sideways look. "You know there's a guy calling himself Trinity, right?"

She arched an eyebrow. "There is?"

"Yeah, he showed up at Defcon last year, claimed to be scoping out the IRS again."

Trinity snorted. "There's another thing I don't miss."


"The scene whores."

Neo nodded. "Yeah. There's this guy named Choi in my building--"

Morpheus's voice interrupted him. "Hate to break this up, but I need all hands on deck. We're going in."

Trinity sighed. "Another day, another dollar."

For pen_and_umbra Agent Smith
In a construct for reality testing stood a row of empty virtual bodies with blank faces and no names. They would become the 3-series: new agent software designed to be faster, more resource-efficient, and better learners than their predecessors.

A switch fell into place somewhere and not even light travelled this fast. Down through miles of wires and cables, up towards a sky that wasn't there, turning a corner by a malfunctioning subcluster until finally, contact was made, the software was loaded. One of the figures took a step forward.

The first words of Agent 30234825-39, code-named "Smith", were "What's that smell?"

For much_reality A minor character
If he didn't stop chewing on his thumbnail, he'd rip it right off and then there would be no way Chrissy would ever look at him again. Not that she'd been interested in Mouse in the first place; she'd just wanted to copy his physics homework. Still, he stood a lesser chance of being noticed by beautiful, blond Chrissy Brighton if he had a deformed thumb.

He looked around the hotel room. What was taking so long?

The double doors swung open and a tall black man walked in.

"Welcome, Mouse. As you no doubt have guessed, I am Morpheus."

For goneril Apoc, no Switch.

Apoc presses the button and hears the familiar sounds of the doorbell, then footsteps.

"Emilio! You did not call! You are so thin and I have nothing to feed my son! I told you, call first!"

She starts crying again, but Apoc has to fight a smile as he embraces her. "I've missed you, Mama," he mutters.

"Oh, come to the kitchen. I fix something quickly. This travelling job is going to be the death of you."

Apoc sits down and stares at the floral tablecloth. Such a silly thing, attachment. For all he knows, she's not even his mother.
Tags: fic:character:matrix:agent smith, fic:character:matrix:apoc, fic:character:matrix:morpheus, fic:character:matrix:mouse, fic:character:matrix:trinity, fic:fandom:matrix, fic:length:drabble, fic:pairing:matrix:neo/trinity
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