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Harry. Draco. Harry/Draco. :D

Hi. You? Should be reading Letters in French (H/D, NC-17) by flimsy. No, really. It's not perfect canon-wise, but it's brilliant, brilliant H/D. You know how rarely I rec. Just... go. Read. It's fics like this that remind me why I love this ship and why it's the only ship I love so much.

That is all.

Well, no. While I'm reccing H/D I'll give you my Ultimate H/D Rec List:

Transfigurations by resonant8
A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki
It's All About Subterfuge by darkvictory
The Crush Trilogy [one] [two] [three] by hackthis

Okay, I'm done now. Really.

H/D meta coming soon. Do you squee for H/D?
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:harry/draco, recs
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