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1. I shall be representing Slytherin house in the fic-writing competition for the hogwarts_elite version of the Triwizard Tournament.
2. big_bang_hd final draft? Done and sent.
3. reversathon fic? Going to be done & edited on the weekend.

Aside from teh pwn, I have a question. Quidditch tryouts - how do they work?

There's the thought that people try out each year -- in CoS, Harry frets about his broomstick being locked up in the cupboard, he complains that the Dursleys don't care if he loses his position on the Quidditch team due to not being able to practise. However, in OotP, there is no such fretting; Harry just sits in detention with Umbridge and gripes about not being able to be with his teammates as the tryouts progress. In PoA, there's no mention of Quidditch at all until Oliver calls a team meeting near the beginning of October. In GoF there was no Quidditch in the first place, but Harry didn't seem worried about his Seeker position before he knew about the Triwizard Tournament. Was it just that in CoS, Harry simply didn't know that once you're on the team, you're on it until you leave school (or voluntarily leave the team)?

Based on what we've seen in canon, I'm guessing that tryouts aren't held unless a team is missing a member. Still, JKR's let it slip that there will be new Beaters in sixth year -- when asked if Colin and Dennis would be the new Gryffindor Beaters, she said that the new Beaters will be completely new finds of the (also new) captain's. So that's it for old Kirke and Sloper, then? They suck, therefore they're off the team? I wonder if Ron's off the team then, too -- then of course, the whole "Weasley is our King" episode clearly proves that Ron is a superior Keeper. *snerk* He's Ron and therefore he can improve and be better, right? Kirke and Sloper are supporting characters without faces, and therefore they are off the team due to extreme suckage? Or is the woman pulling a fast one again?
Tags: fandom:hp, meta:canon
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