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More on feedback + picspam

carlanime talked about feedback - I think she makes some rather good points. I'm adding a permanent "concrit welcome" thinger to my fic headers because honestly, it's true - not everyone wants their work critiqued and the mere fact that they post it online simply means they want people to read it, not necessarily that they want it torn apart. Though I still don't think that people should get upset when they get negative feedback. Bottom line? If you don't want negative feedback, don't be afraid to say so. Some people might think less of you for it, or think you a coward, or a million other things, but who gives a shit? There's nothing wrong with not wanting stuff you wrote for fun torn apart.

I will admit that if I see a "concrit not welcome" in the header, I probably won't bother reading because I do prefer to read work by authors who are serious about writing - in my experience, these are the authors who turn out the best work. Being open to suggestions is a large part of being serious about your writing (even if it's fannish stuff), imho of course.

aerynalexander brought up an interesting point in the discussion I linked above - that asking for feedback is often considered distasteful. I agree to a point - if I see something along the lines of "If I don't get XXX reviews by such and such date, I'm not writing anymore!" I definitely won't bother reading. If I see blatant begging for reviews or even worse, trying to guilt-trip readers into reviewing ("I've worked really hard on this, the least you can do is let me know how I did!"), I will more than likely not bother reading. But if I see "Feedback welcome" or "Concrit welcome" I don't consider that begging for reviews.

On an unrelated note, I recently saw someone bitching about authors who use the bottom section of their fics to thank their reviewers on - buh? I thought it was polite to say thanks to people who review your stories and since gives no other options, it forces people to leave little footnotes thanking reviewers. Well, it doesn't force them but there's no other way for authors to respond to their feedback, at least not last time I checked. But then of course, I bitch about people who don't deign to respond to their feedback. :)) Speaking of which, I have a heap of feedback on Eros & Sappho that I've been remiss in responding to. *runs off*

As a parting gift, picspam! They're not very large but dial-up users beware, I suppose (each is around 25Kb). Under the cut, 6 images of Alexander Suvorov, a Russian actor. I think he's teh yummeh. He's not an actual gypsy, but he plays one in a soap that I've been watching lately with gran, just so I can ogle him. ^.^

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by

ETA: Plz to go and take Charlotte's HBP poll, thx (may contain inadvertent spoilers?). ♥
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