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Just say no to porn?

18 USC 2257, the US Federal law to stop porn on the Internet went into effect June 22. The Bush administration has decided to implement sweeping content regulations (previously found to be unconstitutional by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals) - on anything they deem to be "adult" or "sexually explicit" content. The aforementioned law ostensibly exists to prevent porn producers from featuring underaged persons in their movies, but it's apparently being used to target everyone.

Oh, dramatise? I dunno, I am not so good with the attention span today and reading legalspeak makes me break out in a rash.

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...I don't know if LJ or Sixapart are members of the Free Speech Coalition. If they aren't, the restrictions apply to LJ right freakin' now, apparently. As I'm no legal beagle, I'm not sure if all this applies to erotic/pornographic fanart (possibly does, per last link) or erotic/pornographic fiction (possibly doesn't?) but it's a rather... interesting development. Erm, I'm glad I don't live in the US. No offence.
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