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Pictures from Budapest

I love this city, more than it should be healthy. I finally found time to get a bunch of photos transferred from my digital camera into my laptop and then online, so I give you lots of pictures from Budapest. :>

Fandom geekery - Pictures that were taken because I am in fandom (and a geek, apparently). emcue, two of them were taken with you in mind. >:)
Curiosities - Various amusing, curious and strange things. Like fake papier-mache Indian men on building walls.
Graffiti - Graffiti seen in and around the city. This set's small, but likely to grow as I love taking pictures of graffiti.
Margitsziget - Margaret Island (in the middle of the Danube, which bisects the city). Flowers, birds, ancient ruins, ponds, turtles, statues. Nature yay!
Vistas - Various views.
Random - Photos without a particular theme. Building details, statues, the local food offerings and the like.

The photos all have descriptions and titles attached to them that tell you a little bit about what's in the picture. Clicking on the pictures will bring up a page with the title, description, and various options.

Hope you enjoy them. \:D/ That's all I've got, off to bed now. *collapses*
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