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Yesterday my f-list was full of you lot saying happy birthday. O___O I just... Thank you! ♥ I almost don't dread turning 27 next year. *loves*

imadra_blue DREW ME (Not Really Safe For Work) HARRY/DRACO!! *dies* <33333333333 *squees*

hailiebu wrote me hilarious crackfic to No Sex in the Champagne Room (the fic is called, quite aptly, No Sex in the Room of Requirement. Bwah.) ♥!

slash_insignia wrote me angsty Harry/Draco (A bloodied mirror, a wizarding photo booth, and endless memories. ). <3 <3!

pen_and_umbra took a picture of lego!H/D for me, with a saying about illicit blowjobs that I'd blurted when she was here visiting. :D

goneril gave me musicspam of Happy Birthday songs from the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Southern AllStars, Altered Images, Stevie Wonder, 50 Cent and even New Kids on the Block. XD

Aside from massive squeeage due to all of the above, it was a nice relaxing quiet day with no one getting on my case (and generally this is only possible on my birthday so it was very welcome). In the evening, my friends took me out to Shiki (my favourite Japanese restaurant, where I drank too much sake) and then to Long Island (my favourite bar, where I drank too much Kir Royal, as is evidenced by the angle of this shot). I now have pretty flowers around me and they smell lovely. I got a replacement keyboard for my old laptop (which is impossible to get in this city because it's such an old Toshiba model - I love my friends), among other things. Oh, and my parents gave me an iPod Shuffle. *looks smug while her inner little kid goes YAY*

I'm going to make more coffee, respond to e-mail and continue the gargantuan task of tagging my past LJ entries.
Tags: birthday, pictures, recs
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