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Three things

1. xylodemon is having another Pimp Your Friends Pimpalooza. Go forth and list people you think everyone should friend (and why). Also, there is community pimping.

2. My old laptop has been officially renamed Myrtle. Ya'll are on so much fandom crack, I love it.

3. Ginny, the "ideal" girl for Harry? Wake up, Jo Rowling; this is the 21st century. The myth of an ideal anybody has been shattered a long time ago; just take a look at the divorce statistics. Also, STFU. If I need to read an essay on how an adjective on page 382 of book 4 indicates that Harry really did notice Ginny "in that way" prior to HBP, and therefore everyone should have "seen it coming", then the author did not set the ship up well. I saw it coming, but not because of anything I saw in the texts. I saw it coming because I read meta, but meta is not the source text.

I have been awake for 40 hours now and therefore, pie.

P.S. Eat me, LJ.
Tags: fandom, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary
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