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HBP commentary, Part V [SPOILERS] -- Draco's Detour

[15:44] furiosity: mmm onion soup! XD
[15:45] imadra_blue: i made a lot. like 9027859725 servings. i had a bowl. and then my brother ate the rest. BY HIMSELF.
[15:45] imadra_blue: it came out very well too.
[15:45] furiosity: omg your brother is like master eater dude
[15:46] imadra_blue: seriously. i'm surprised he didn't spring a leak.
[15:46] furiosity: hahahah draco is giving him a blowjob
[15:46] furiosity: oops, wrong window
[15:46] furiosity: LMFAO
[15:46] imadra_blue: wow, he moves fast, the little ferret
[15:46] furiosity: *ded*

Is there a cure against wrong-window-itis? *headdesk* Hem hem. On I go! Draco's Detour. HBP Commentary: previous parts.

Chapter 6 -- Draco's Detour

Harry and Hermione vs Ron and Ginny, playing Quidditch. Hermione is dreadful, and Ginny is good -- so they are "reasonably well-matched" -- I love it how he doesn't mention which side of Harry--Ron is bad at Quidditch. XD

I really fucking detest Lupin in this book. He shows up at Harry's (FIRST EVER, THANKS) sixteenth birthday party and talks about Dementor attacks and dead people? What the fuck? I'm all for keeping Harry informed and making sure he's aware of the danger, but what the fuck. Tactless much? This when he knows that Harry's Boggart is a Dementor. Talking about death and Dementors as he scarfs down Harry's birthday cake. Jerk-off. Er, yes, I've become 289% more protective of Harry since HBP, does it show? I cheered Molly on in this chapter when she kept glaring at Bill and Remus.

Karkaroff managed to stay in hiding for over a year. Pretty impressive.

Harry's Quidditch Captain! Yay! :D

Not that I want to add to the pile of H/Hr wank, but did anyone else have pervy thoughts when Hermione got so squeeful over the fact that Harry can now use the prefects' bathroom? >.>

Ron: Harry, you're my captain!
f: Awwww. *sniffs and remembers movie!Boromir*

"Two days ago Arkie Philpott had a Probity Probe stuck up his ..."
I have no words. No words. Hee!

So, Fleur is obviously smitten with Bill. Ginny finds this distasteful and pretends to be vomiting, and Harry finds this funny? Feh. Gryffindors.

Holy fuck, three adverbs in one sentence. "...said Ron appreciatively, stretching luxuriously as the car moved smoothly ..."

Harry's got top-grade security status, and Arthur has no illusions about the fact that the Weasleys are only getting the special Ministry cars because of that.

Hagrid is wearing a long beaverskin coat in August. I just... -.-;;;

Oh joy, more Hagrid dialogue. I should start thinking about updating the guide. *headdesk*

The Leaky Cauldron is empty. I feel sorry for poor Tom. :(

Seedy-looking little amulet peddler/Ginny = OTP! *defiant*

Hermione wants new dress robes. Why? I dun understand.

Note that Ginny goes off to Flourish and Blotts with Molly and Arthur. Does Harry pine? No.

Draco yay! <3 <3 And Harry thinks his robes are handsome. :> I think this is the first time JKR's described Draco's eyes as "light grey" rather than just "grey". And in general, people -- Draco gets more description and adjectives than Ginny did back in last chapter. Harry's smitten, clearly. >.>

Harry's as tall as Narcissa Malfoy. Good to know.

Madam Malkin needs to STFU and let Harry and Cissy go at each other. Strictly non-sexually, of course, you perverts. He's saving himself for her son, you know.

"But Dumbledore won't always be there to protect you." -- Narcissa. Wow, I didn't realise how sinister that actually was until now.

This is the second time in canon when Draco's extremely protective of his mother. And ooh, burn, Narcissa gets off a good one about Sirius, at Harry. Poor Harry. :(

Draco: "Watch where you're putting your pins, woman!"
Thank you, JKR. I knew this would be something that would be characteristic of Draco's dialogue, directly referencing women he considers beneath himself but does not detest as "(comma) woman!". *thumbs nose at betas who didn't like it when I had him speak like that* I was right! Hah. *puffs*

And since I'm also the resident wizard clothing geek (complete with guide) -- when Draco pulled his robes off over his head and threw them on the floor, I had a brief moment OMG DRACO IS NAKED because so far canon indicates that they wear robes over nothing. But considering that Draco leaves the shop almost immediately after that, and prior characterisation of Draco makes me doubt that he'd prance around Diagon Alley naked, I'm assuming he was wearing something under the robes that he was trying on. This is either an indication that there *is* something under robes or it's an indication that Draco was wearing a Muggle disguise like everyone else. I remember there were a few bits later on in the book where Muggle clothes were mentioned -- jeans at Hogwarts for the first time, specifically -- but I don't remember the exact spots now. But still no ties. :|

And yes, yes. Have your ONLY bit of Draco/Ron subtext. "...Malfoy taking care to bang as hard as he could into Ron on the way out." *grump* At least I admitted it. >.> *Ron/Draco hate, omg*

I loved Madam Malkin's usage of wand as vacuum cleaner. Also, her dialogue reminds me a lot of Fudge.

Another clothing note: witch's robes and wizard's robes are different.

And it's Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in this book, not Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes. Make up your mind, JKR.

U-NO-POO. That just wins, I'm sorry. I know it's tasteless, but it's pure twins.

Harry finds toilet humour amusing. Gryffindors. *pooh poohs*

I love the joke shop, btw. Just -- everything in it, there's so much awesome stuff.

You know, the Patented Daydream Charms? JKR spent far too much time on them for them to be insignificant. Hermione got one for free -- I don't know if she actually took one, but I wouldn't be surprised if she did, for a "just in case" thing. And god, I can only imagine all the porn these things'll produce. I mean, these things're insta-fic! Start with Character A fondling a Patented Daydream Charm and then segue into the actual daydream. Just add cock.

The magenta robes are hilarious. What is it with Weasleys and clothes that clash with their hair?

Shield Hats, Shield Cloaks, Shield Gloves... what else? Shield Boots, Shield Robes? If she writes a "final battle", it will probably be all about these things.

"...weird-looking black hooter-type objects..."
>.> Was I the only one who saw "hooter" and thought those wind-up jumping rubber boobs they sell at regular joke-shops?

Saleswitch in the twins' shop! :D I called it, I did. Mine was called Vicky, though, not Verity.

Note: Harry Potter owns two Decoy Detonators.

Ginny raised an eyebrow sceptically. "Do they work?"
Her interest is clearly not purely academic, people. Love potion, that's the ticket. I don't care about that ideal girl crap JKR's stringing together in interviews. She's just playing with us. In reality, Ginny is Voldemort's minion and she fed Harry a love potion. Shut up. >.>

Hermione should buy Marietta some Guaranteed Ten-Second Pimple Vanisher. I'm just saying.

I liked Ginny in this scene, actually. She was acting like a strong female character, not hysterical, not attacking Fred and George, not spazzing all over the place. Why couldn't she stay this way? Why did she have to turn into a harpy?

When the time comes for the Draco-stalking, Harry does not run off on his own! He takes Ron and Hermione with him. :D Trio <3 <3

Harry knows when Malfoy is sneering just by his tone of voice. It's love! *pets impenetrable H/D shipper bubble*

Draco's dialogue in this chapter. I just. <3 <3 <3!!! He's obviously very proud of himself and very confident at this point, but he still doesn't speak plainly. He doesn't talk about his Dark Mark (if it's real), he simply shows it and doesn't spend much time crowing over it. He does name-drop, but the name he drops is pretty damn effective (not to the first-time reader at this point, but you know what I mean.)

The thing of note here is when Draco says "not a word to anyone, including my mother".

Three things in here -- one is that Narcissa Malfoy is a customer of Borgin's. The other thing is that obviously this is where they discuss the Vanishing Cabinet, so Draco already has a plan. And he ends up succeeding in carrying out this plan. Remember "I'll have you" from book 5? Well, he does. He really, thoroughly does. This is the first time one of Draco's anti-Harry (or anti-Light, in this case) plans actually works. It's not quite what he expected in the end, poor lamb, but Draco can't ever triumph, can he?

The third thing about that line is that he warns Borgin not to tell Narcissa. This suggests, to me, that the post-Spinner's End scene between Narcissa and Draco was basically her telling Draco to keep his head down and that Snape would take care of everything. I can't see any other explanation for his needing to sneak away from his mother and warn Borgin not to tell her what he's up to.

That's all I've got. And this is also the chapter where Harry's obsession with Draco begins. I'm just glad that no chestmonsters are involved. And I'm not currently writing Harry/Draco chestmonster crackfic. Nope.
Tags: criticism, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary, meta:canon
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