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Fun with word formation, whee!

This is all Kdawg's fault, by the way.

cocktastic, cocktacular, cockulous, cockswanky, cockable, cockful, cockless, cocky, cockier, cockiest, cockarian, cockular, cocking, cockily, cockid, cockatorial, cockificial, cockeal, cockial, cockilistic, cockal, cockiscopal, cocktral, cockturnal, cockerial, cockionic, cockiatric, cockorgic, cockacedarian, cockological, cockecological, cockimian, cockerean, cockereal, cocktactic, cockagittal, cockerary, cockinine, cockutorial, cockipital, cockeline, cockorial, cockneal, cockopteran, cockspertilian, cocksine, cockerotic, cockinnabulary, cockentral, cockoholic, cockophobic, cockithic, cockucrine, cockturient, cockenethliac, cockpiscopal, cockystic, cockesical, cockineous, cockophilic, cockematal, cockemal, cockamatic (!!!), cockemic, cockestic, cockadistic, cockadelic, cockoid, cockilistic, cockebral, cockahedral, cockary, cockilary, cockternal, cockuteal...

Cockbite, cockalicious, cockistic, cockist, cockulus, cockarina, cockasaurus, cock-o-rific, cocktive, cockalism, cockoration, cockfungus.

Definitions by jennuine, who wins at the internet:
cocktastic, cocktacular, cockulous: (synonyms) lots of cock!
cockswanky: a well-dressed cock
cockable: not impotent
cockful: sirius black (in between remus lupin and james potter)
cockless: peter pettigrew
cocky, cockier, cockiest: (in order) has one cock, has two, has three
cockarian: 1. (religion) cock-worshippers 2. (from kaikias) someone who subsists only on cock
cockular: not within the cock-circle.
cockid: the subliminal part of your brain that goes COCKCOCKCOCK all the time
cockatorial: an article on cock
cockificial, cockilistic: (synonyms) only caring about the cock
cockeal, cockial, cockal: (adjectives) of cock
cockiscopal: from the cock's point of view
cocktral: in which the cock is central
cockturnal: rising when the cock rises
cockiatric: the age of cock
cockological: based on the study of cock
cockecological: when the cock is biodegradable
cockereal: a dreamy cock
cockerean: (from much_reality) a curving dick in the shape of a banana. In extreme cases, resembles a boomerang. If the owner is sweet, lie, and claim it is well placed for g-spot stimulation.
cocktactic: to plough in
cockipital: the force of a cock
cockoholic: Harry Potter
cockophobic: JKR
cockpiscopal: a church run by cock
cockystic: mysterious cock
cockophilic: HP fandomers
cockamatic: (slang) vibrator
cockemic: 1. lacking in cock 2. (from kaikias) someone with lots of cock in their blood
cockahedral: an orgy
cockary: where they raise cocks
cockilary: where they shoot cocks
cockspertilian: (from much_reality) premature ejaculator
cockasaurus: (fron sputz_n_micah) REALLY big cock, sometimes bites
cockionic: super-cock
cockutorial: cock education
cockadistic: deriving pleasure from another's cock
cockadelic: hallucinations brought on by cock
cocklithic: cock of massive stone
cockuriosity: an interest in discovering the secrets of cock
cockdio: the sound of cock
cockium: (element, Ck) unstable but predictable
cockcide: horny!Dumbledore
cockmissive: gives in to cock
cockmate(s): hand, mouth, vagina, arse or another cock
cockalicious: (by anathema91) cock that inspires drool.
cockademic: 1. (by jamoche) someone who studies cocks 2. a plague of cocks

Pickup lines (courtesy sazzlette and me, but mostly sazzlette)

I can play the cockarina, you know.
Wanna come back to my place? I'll let you play my cockarina.
Is that a Cockarina in your pocket ...?

Got more ideas? :D
How about definitions?

ETA2: Cockmistresses and cockmasters, we have Puss 'n Boots/Mrs Norris (NC-17) by jennuine!!!! OMFG. :O And a prequel (PG-13) by the lovely goldie. *dies*

ETA3: There is picspam. (NWS, just in case)

shabzilla made a cockourbar:

Tags: fandom, humour
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