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HBP commentary, Part VII [SPOILERS] -- Snape Victorious

[04:14] imadra_blue: when did i get so vicious? *stares at self* i blame you
[04:14] furiosity: *sits back and beams*
[04:14] furiosity: filled with snark, the dark side is.
[04:18] imadra_blue: gryffindor trait # 33: never accept the blame for your own flaws. blame a slytherin.

On that note, on with the chapter commentary I go. HBP Commentary: previous parts.

Chapter 8 -- Snape Victorious
Malfoy sure showed you, didn't he, Harry? Heh.

We get the first indication of nonverbal spells here -- the first time Harry actually actively thinks about them, that is. It seems like a throwaway thing, but later becomes important. I love it when she does this.

I wonder why Harry doesn't trust Tonks with a Healing spell. I mean, yeah, she's clumsy and all that, but she's a trained Auror.

So the order uses Patronuses to communicate. I wonder what Hagrid's Patronus is. Grawp?

Proudfoot! I bet you anything it's a LotR shoutout. *tries to imagine a hobbit Auror*

Having always travelled by carriage, Harry has never appreciated how far Hogwarts was from Hogsmeade... um, what? Don't they walk the distance during Hogsmeade weekends?

The winged boars at the gates of Hogwarts are mentioned again -- I do wonder if they're going to have any significance. I mean, yeah, there's the whole thing about pigs flying and JKR has subtle humour, blah blah candycanes, but I do wonder about the repeated mentions. Maybe Harry will throw one of them at Voldybuns and kill him ded, because Trelawney has also predicted that The Dark Lord Will Die When Pigs Fly. Hey, there's an idea for this crackfic I'm supposed to be writing.

Harry's an insensitive little berk, isn't he? Now that Tonks is so gloomy and not fun anymore, he just wants to get away from her. Way to go, Harry. :-P

I found it interesting that Snape is openly hostile towards Tonks. Is this just another way for JKR to show that he's an utter bastard (hey thanks, Jo, but we sort of got that already, what with the first five books and all that)? Or is there bad blood from the past? Fic, plz. :D

Snape takes 70 points from Gryffindor -- so there's that thing from CoS cleared up. When Harry is talking to McGonagall about the consequences of the flying Ford Anglia incident, he asks if she's going to take points and figures she won't because term hadn't started yet (and this was during the Feast as well). And here Snape takes 70 points before the Feast is over, so clearly points can be taken before the term begins. Or JKR forgot about that scene in CoS, pick one you like.

And here is the question of the day: why doesn't Harry tell Snape about Malfoy? He feels strongly, too -- he really doesn't want to tell Snape about it. It could be that Harry's just following the old-school policy of keeping student-student conflicts under wraps and never ratting to teachers. I would say this is likely, but the fact that it's Snape is making me think that this isn't what's happening.

The other thing could be that he knows it's useless to tell Snape of the incident, because Snape will only take Draco's side and it's Draco and Snape's word against Harry's, so he'd just be subjected to more public humiliation. But that still doesn't seem right to me, because -- well, they're magic folk and if Harry really wanted to prove what happened, he could.

Then there's not wanting to tell Snape because he hates Snape and doesn't want Snape to have anything that'll allow him to take more points from Harry (we'll make it another 20 points for sneaking into the Slytherin compartment, Potter!) or -- more likely -- because he doesn't want to look like an idiot to Snape (which has nothing to do with vanity but everything to do with the fact that Harry doesn't like to give his enemies ammo against himself).

Of course, there's also the whole matter of Harry sneaking into the Slytherin compartment, which he probably wasn't allowed to do in the first place (only I don't see why? I mean, the train seats aren't assigned, we know this). So it's possible that Harry doesn't want to broadcast the fact that he was sneaking into the Slytherin compartment -- but what's the point? He knows Draco will talk -- and even brag -- about it.

In general, I found the fact that Draco never did get in trouble for what he did on the train very, very fitting. After all, Harry's never got in trouble for all the things he's done to Draco.

Hee. Snape thinks Harry is a drama queen. You so have got his number, Professor. *attempts to high-five, but backs away due to glower*

Harry mentions that the Gryffindor table is farthest from the entrance -- this confirms what the HPL has got to say (Closest to the doors from the Entrance Hall is Slytherin, then Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and next to the far wall, Gryffindor). This also means that the tables are arranged like this:


So to get to the Gryffindor table, assuming the tables are single long tables, one has to walk *around* and not through. Good to know. Yes, I know. I am a t00b.

Tergeo is the vacuum cleaner spell we saw in Madam Malkin's earlier, I assume. Good to know. XD

You know, when Harry reached for the food and it disappeared? The word "PWNED" so didn't flash in my mind, nope. :))

Here we also have this seemingly throwaway detail -- that the Hat had preached unity amongst the houses again. The way they all shrug it off is depressing. :|

Trelawney is at the feast and Harry notices this -- she then randomly pops up throughout the book. Honestly, to me, anyone behaving oddly is an instant "HEY" -- more Trelawney in book 7? Trelawney as Death Eater, Luna-style? *paranoid*

And Draco is up to his old tricks again, clowning around for his housemates. Isn't he adorable? >.> Also, omg, GUH. What he would not give to fight Malfoy
one on one ...
With an ellipsis and everything. Perfect moment to segue into Harry's first ever slash fantasy! :D

Nearly Headless Nick's "spirit community" is totally a euphemism for the gay community. I'm just saying.

I wonder if Ron snarks at Nick on purpose.

All these shrivelled hands are making me nervous. Dumbledore's roboclaw, Draco's Hand of Glory... *wibbles*

There are some injuries you can't cure ... old curses ... and there are poisons without antidotes ...
Was I the only one going OMG OMG OMG OMG at this line? Because I totally was. The implications, dude -- and Reorx, I so, so want to see fic with these in. Like whoa. We're so used to everything being fixable except death -- even Arthur's supposedly not!healing injury from Nagini ends up healing. Just, yes.

Snape has the DADA job. Think about this for a second. Dumbledore knew the job was cursed. He gave it to Snape. Am I the only one who sees the problem with this set-up if Dumbledore was clueless about the grave, blond and pointy-faced danger that loomed over him, with Snape bound to protect it? Why would Dumbledore give Snape, whom he TRUSTS, a job he KNOWS is literally cursed? Why? Snape is not evil, plzkthx.

Draco/fork = OTP.

Now, I've always been under the impression that the head table is a ways off from the Gryffindor table. So how can Harry see the colour of Dumbledore's eyes from so far away? Are Dumbledore's eyes so bright blue that one can see them from any distance? No wonder everyone says he's a Gary Stu. :-P

The benches in the Great Hall *move*. This was one of those details I was never sure about -- I always envisioned long benches that are fastened to the floor, ones that you have to climb over to sit at the table. *makes a note*

Ron makes an off-hand comment about Draco showing off for Pansy -- am I to assume that there were previous instances of such showing off? Or is Ron just assuming that since Draco and Pansy are an item (*ahem*), he would show off for her? Question of the day. :))

I wonder, is Grawp living in the same cave that Sirius used to hide out in back in GoF?

Also, I squeed when they all said they dropped Care of Magical Creatures. Because dude. Harry's in enough mortal peril every year without having Hagrid set dangerous critters on him. :-P
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