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Budapest pics!

goneril is staying with me for the next week (and we have Sangria) and thus there are lots and lots of pics. :D

I've updated the Vistas set with a bunch of new pics taken from the top of St. Stephen's Basilica - I absolutely boggle at the sky's colour. I could swear it's not really that blue in reality. :P We spent quite a bit of time in and around the Basilica itself, and there are many pictures to that end (mostly detail shots of the inside - altars, statues, etc.) Please ignore the weird angles - holding a camera upright appears to be another one of those things I suck at. This shot of an impromptu art gallery at the top level of the Basilica is my favourite.

We also spent about an hour in and around the Westend City Centre. The roof of Westend is particularly amazing - the centre itself is in one of the busiest parts of town, but on the roof it's like a little getaway from all of it; you can barely hear the city's noises. there are trees and little secluded benches, and if you go downstairs there is a public recreation area with chairs and tables, and a children's playground. Heck, we saw people having sex behind some bushes. XD

And just randomly, these T-shirts are just hilarious, as is the Graffiti Pig of Doom.
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