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HBP commentary, Part VIII

[05:02] furiosity: i am writing a letter to my mother
[05:02] furiosity: composed entirely of anime faces
[05:02] furiosity: wheeeeeee!
[05:03] imadra_blue: i'm sure she'll be very proud. *pets*
[05:04] furiosity: she will be
[05:05] imadra_blue: maybe she'll print it out and put it up on the refrigerator? "lookit what lil f can do, marge!"

While I anxiously await Mum's response to my masterpiece, have some HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 9 -- The Half-Blood Prince

Ron once again mentions that Draco is just showing off for Pansy. Hee.

Hermione seems to know Draco pretty well for someone who's never exchanged more than a few insults with him. I'm just saying.

Free periods! Think of all the sex!

This is something that keeps bothering me -- why is Lavender suddenly interested in Ron? Is it just the hero-by-proxy thing, that he's Harry's best friend? Or what? I mean, buh?

Three cheers for McG. Hee, Neville's gran failed Charms, but I was too busy squeeing about knowing her first name to notice. Priorities…

I liked the timetable filling with a tap of the wand.

Oh, what have we here? Harry wears his Quidditch captain's badge even when it's not Quidditch time. How's this different from Percy and his prefect's badge? :P

Snape has gruesome picture pictures with body parts and stuff on his classroom walls. Classy.

And this has always pissed me off in fic and so I am going on record saying that this chapter is the first time in (book) canon ever that Draco Malfoy is in the same DADA class as Harry Potter. They never had DADA together before. And I always guessed that the sixth- and seventh-year classes would have all houses in the same classroom.

The Snape vs Harry scene here was just awesome. The glaring and "There's no need to call me sir, Professor" - just BWAH.

And really, Hermione memorising Harry's words was just cute.

Dumbledore likes Acid Pops? Aren't those the ones that burn a hole through your tongue? Mental, that one. [/Ron moment]

So, in the Potions classroom, there are four Slytherins (Draco, Blaise, Theodore, and Mr/Miss X), four Ravenclaws (one of whom is Michael Corner, another of whom is Terry Boot), one Hufflepuff (Ernie Macmillan) and three Gryffindors (Harry, Ron and Hermione). Er… Hufflepuffs aren't very good at Potions? :P

So. Harry's attracted by treacle (the Great Hall), broomsticks (*cough*) and something flowerly he THOUGHT he smelled at the Burrow. "Thought" being the key word. Ahem. No comment. You're in denial, Harry dear. That ain't the Burrow, it's the Quidditch Pitch. What? There are flowers there. >.>

One of the big reasons I loved HBP is seeing Harry treated nicely in Potions. That's all I'm saying.

JKR keeps mentioning how fat Slughorn is. That grated on me.

And speaking of smells, my crackified pheromone idea wasn't that far off, really. >.>

So… Malfoy and Nott are sniggering together at Hermione. Did I miss a memo? I thought Theodore was supposed to be a clever loner who doesn't need to be in a gang? He's sure not acting like a clever loner.

And here, ladies and gentlewizards, we have proof that JKR watches the movies too much for her own good. Hermione didn't punch Malfoy in PoA; she slapped him. *smirk*

Obsessive love comes up here first; more foreshadowing for the future. I personally find the concept rather fascinating, yet I'm strangely uncompelled to seek out Merope!fic. I'm more interested in what these obsessive-love-inducing potions might have done in the past, prior to the events of the books.

I especially like Draco Malfoy smirking at the thought of obsessive love. Harry thinks he's just being disbelieving, but we know better, don't we, my dear fellow slashers? XD

And I also find it amusing that whereas in all previous books, Draco was always at the back of the classroom, this time they're nearer the front, since Harry can see the back of his head.

I want to know what happens if someone takes too much Felix Felicis. Fic, plz. :>

The Draught of Living Death makes a re-appearance here, from book 1. I somehow knew it would.

Silver daggers and silver knives keep reappearing throughout this book. Maybe one of the Horcruxes is a silver dagger/knife that belonged to a Founder? One of the wedding customs in ancient Crete required the groom to offer his fiancee a small silver dagger - this jumped to mind right away. Also, wasn't there a silver dagger plotline of some sort in X-Men? Any other "silver dagger" history things? Am interested.

Abraxas Malfoy made me laugh at first, because I was like "oh, great, Draco's granddaddy is a horse". Then I remembered that the horses are called Abraxan. *facepalm* Also, he died of dragon pox? But-but… Gunhilda of Goorsemoor developed a cure for Dragon Pox in the late 1500s/early 1600s. So, why did Abraxas Malfoy die from it? Ooh. Fic, please. :D

Harry is sure that Malfoy is expecting preferential treatment -- he has some rather interesting observations sometimes, that Harry, doesn't he? >.>

Hermione is really pissed off at Harry for the clockwise/counter-clockwise thingummy, isn't she? It bugs me.

For a second, I wondered if Slughorn gave Harry the Half-Blood-Prince book on purpose. It could still be true that he's evil! He's a Slytherin, after all. *snerk*

Ginny is pissed off about Harry taking orders from a book. So she's still not got over the old "being-possessed-by-Volders" thing? I told you she was evil.
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