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Draco Schlongathon

So pen_and_umbra, imadra_blue and furiosity walk into a bar... No, that's not how it goes. XD We were just chatting on AIM this afternoon.

[15:31] pen_and_umbra: but ew, H/D. me don't like pencil-dick malfoy. shudder.
[15:31] furiosity: pft, he's so not pencil dick. plz.
[15:31] furiosity: Beta Draconis, baby.
[15:31] pen_and_umbra: so a pencil dick!
[15:31] pen_and_umbra: is too!
[15:31] furiosity: is not!
[15:31] pen_and_umbra: is too is too is too!
[15:31] furiosity: is not is not is not!
[15:32] pen_and_umbra: watch it, or i'll break out the gandalf/saruman pr0n. (is too!)
[15:32] furiosity: pft, gandalf/saruman, old meme (is not!)
[twenty minutes of bickering later]
[15:55] furiosity: and pen, don't tempt me. if you keep at it, i'm going to start a "Draco has a Huge Cock" ficathon
[15:55] pen_and_umbra: DRAKEY-POO IS A PENCIL DICK!

And so I present to you the (obviously adult-themed):

Draco Schlongathon*

The Rules:
  • Your fic/art must focus on Draco. It can be gen, het or slash but it MUST MUST MUST somehow focus on the fact that Draco is exceptionally well-endowed. No magic/potions/other plot devices are allowed to make him thus endowed (concealing a sub-par appendage, as it were), it has to be natural. Everything else is up to you. Any genre: angst, drama, crackfic (omg, The Cock that Ate Manhattan!) -- go crazy. Write shameless PWP, set it anywhere you like - even Spartanburg, South Carolina, for all I care. Just make sure it's about Draco and his very large cock.
  • Fics should be 666+ words long and (preferably) beta-read. Any rating, any pairing, any genre, any kink, squick, whatev.
  • The deadline is September 27th.

The Miscellany:
  • Once you've written and posted your fic (or drawn and posted your art) somewhere, just comment here with a link and I'll add it to the masterlist, which will be published after the deadline has passed.
  • If you don't have an LJ and post your fic/art elsewhere, just e-mail me with the link (furiosity at livejournal) and I'll add the link.
  • You don't need to comment/email to state your committment to participate or anything like that. Just link me in comments/email me whenever your fic/art is posted.
  • Absolutely everyone is welcome to participate.

* Title courtesy pen_and_umbra, as per.
Tags: draco malfoy, fandom:hp, ficathons
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