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About this journal

My name is f. I write. My spatial orientation skills are second only to those of protozoa.

This journal is part RL, part fandom (see here for a list, plus see my tags). The fandom posts are always public; the RL stuff is, as a rule, friends-locked and/or filtered.

You do not need to ask before adding me, feel free. I'll never say no if you do ask. I do not expect anyone I add to add me back. Do not expect me to add you back if we don't know each other; I don't want total strangers reading my flocked shit. If you're not a stranger but your LJ name isn't one I'd recognise, just drop me a PM and let me know!

Commenter IPs are always logged in this journal, whether the commenter is logged in or not. I also log visitor IPs in other areas of my journal. I have never, nor will I ever, make IP log details from my journal public.

House Rules: Don't be a jerk.
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