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The Eros Affair

The Eros Affair

H/D fic like whoa. \:D/ From a book of love cheques to a loosely interconnected (by a common theme) sheaf of fics, enough to keep H/D fans reading for omg, weeks. I wrote Crossed (which was posted here not long ago, after bookshop gave us the go-ahead to post them publicly as long as we didn't reveal what they were written for). I also wrote the following drabblet for the final cheque:

"Have you seen the Prophet? One would think they'd worry about the dragon threat in Norfolk but instead, they're gushing about Weasley and Wood's marriage. Haven't these people figured out that marriage is for the weak; it's a ridiculous, antiquated, heteronormative practice that should be abolished. Why, if you asked me to marry you--"

"Would you?"


"Marry me."

"Potter. Are you proposing?"

"I am."

Draco laid the paper slowly down beside his plate, so that the picture of Percy and Oliver faced downwards. "I promise to marry you if you promise there won't be a public spectacle."

the_eros_affair is now open to the public and even having a second wave.

In other news, canellaphile has made shirts (and other Cafepress-y merchandise) for people going to TWH who are in Tony Toledo's house. The design is fantastic - check them out here. :D
Tags: fandom:hp, ficathons, meta:harry/draco
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