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HBP commentary, Part IX

[10:02] furiosity: why does adult!Draco always insist on being suave and worldly?
[10:02] bozaloshtsh: sex appeal?
[10:02] svimmelhet: Because he wants to get into your pants?
[10:02] furiosity: i want an adult draco who picks his underwear out of his arse and chews tobacco
[10:02] prncssleia: *dies*
[10:02] eye_knead_name: *ded*
[10:02] pikacharma: LMAO
[10:02] evilsource: *Ded*
[10:03] pikacharma: "Pansy-May! You get your fat ass back in this trailer right now and cook me some chicken!"

On that happy note, have some HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 10 -- The House of Gaunt

Hermione thinks Snape writes like a girl. All together now: hee! Have the SS/HG shippers made anything of this? Because I so would have, if I were a shipper.

Humphrey Belcher, who believed the time was ripe for a cheese cauldron. Hee.

Memories in bottles! Excuse me while I squee.

Ogden wears a frock coat and spats with a bathing costume. Has anyone drawn this? Because it's too long to wait for movie 6.

Something that caused me to stop and think -- doesn't Harry know that the cemetery in GoF was in Little Hangleton? I would have expected at least a pang recalling Cedric and whatnot. It makes me wonder, because though there's no way for Harry to know it's Little Hangleton in GoF (because he's Portkey-ed right in) -- wouldn't he have at least tried to find out where it was? If not he, then Hermione. It just struck me as odd.

I like Ogden. He reminds me of Amos Diggory, only without the "omg my son beat harripotta!!11one!!1".

At eighteen, Merope Gaunt is defeated-looking already. I wonder, did she go to Hogwarts? Did Morfin? Her father calls her a Squib, but Dumbledore doesn't think so; he also says that magic can be suppressed -- this is very interesting. I think I saw some discussion about that floating around. Can I get a "Draco is not an abused child" again? Because he shows no signs of suppressed magic. :P

All things considered, Marvolo seems a good deal more reasonable than his children.

Peverell coat of arms in the ring's stone. Of course, I went looking, because I have no idea what a peverell is. I found this page but remain wholly unenlightened (I did see speculation on a few HP sites, but that's speculation). What does some noble family have to do with Slytherins? Is this possible wizarding past!fic material or would that be too boring? XD

So, Merope fancied Tom Riddle for a long time, did she? It reminds me of those tear-jerker teenage romance stories, not that I'd know anything about those. >.>

Voldemort takes after his Muggle father. Isn't that ironic? And isn't it cute how Harry notices that Tommy senior is hot?

God, Dumbledore is such a great tool for exposition. I'll miss him. There really isn't much to speculate on/wonder about in this chapter because he's done it all, really -- he's explained everything and Harry's asked all the questions that are appropriate at this point in time.

This chapter is also the ring's first appearance - so this is the destroyed Horcrux, the one that we won't have to worry about, right? I'm a bit fuzzy on the Horcruxes at this point.
Tags: criticism, fandom:hp, half-blood prince commentary, meta:canon
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