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But our building's made out of bricks


I'm behind on comments, I'm behind on flist, I'm behind on everything and I'm broke as fuck.


HOWEVER. Please stop sneering at people just because they don't espouse your worldview. Please stop insinuating that being the type of person who trusts easily somehow makes another human being stupid or inadequate. It doesn't. It makes them different from you. Perhaps a little unwise, perhaps even naive. The way the Internet operates vis a vis trust is very often different from meatspace.

Some people feel lonely and have a tendency to latch onto those who are willing to listen to them. That's not pathetic, it's fucking tragic. These people don't deserve to be sneered at, they don't deserve your derision or scorn. You walk a mile in the shoes of someone who's clinically depressed or has been bullied their entire life and see if you're still as quick to judge. Spend a few months with no access to your friends or family, see what it's like to be so alone that the only people you feel understand you are those you've met on the Internet. Yeah, it's easy to sit back, point, laugh and say these people have no lives. However, all you're doing is demonstrating your rather spectacular lack of comprehension of the simple fact that not everyone is as privileged or well-adjusted as you. That they are not doesn't make you better than them, and it doesn't give you the right to treat them with contempt.

Some people simply don't see the Internet as being any different from RL -- and they're quite right, too, because hi, there are people behind that monitor you're looking at, much as you'd probably like to pretend there aren't.

No one deserved to be hurt by the sockpuppetry of late just because they "trust too easily". STFU. Thanks.
Tags: meta:fandom, rant
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