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The (By No Means Exhaustive) List of Fandom Awesome

So, last week I did a thinger where I asked people whom they appreciated in fandom aside from writers/artists. Quite a few people came by and commented with people they appreciated*, and I found myself going - hey, I didn't know so-and-so did meta! I didn't know so-and-so was funny, aside from writing brillant fic! So I decided to compile the responses to the post into a single categorised post, a sort of one-stop 'people resource' for your non-ficcy and non-arty fandom needs.

I ran into a bit of trouble with categorising quite a bit of the appreciation. Lots of people left very personal 'I appreciate so-and-so for doing such-and-such for me' types of appreciation, which is awesome but I'm sure those who are thus appreciated would not be very happy if total randoms suddenly showed up and expected them to behave similarly with everyone. I also didn't want to leave anyone out -- so those who were appreciated on a personal level are in the "Generally Awesome" category at the bottom. \:D/

Without further ado, I give you:

The (By No Means Exhaustive) List of Fandom Awesome

First and Foremost
  • The fandom itself - all the people who participate and make it fun. Not just the artists, writers and mods, but also the readers, the commenters - the whole audience, without whom there would be no fandom.

  • All the people who do the newsletters - hogwarts_today, daily_snitch, quibbler_report, jedi_news, hp_art_daily, metafandom, su_herald, sunday_prophet and all of the pairing-centric newsletters.

  • People who take the time to help painless_j with her themed lists by sending links and fic info, for no gain other than helping out fandom.

  • Everyone who maintains a fic archive of any sort, no matter how large or small.

  • Reviewers who give detailed feedback.

Writing- and art-related


The Organisers


They Who Bring The Meta
adela711, ataniell93, carlanime, cathexys, cordelia_v, evilsource, fernwithy, ficbyzee, grasshopper, imadra_blue, jazzypom, latxcvi, lexin, lilith_morgana, liviapenn, lunacy, mafaldaweasley, masterofmystery, mike_smith, minisinoo, mongoluehring, mrs_muggle, musesfool, nqdonne, parallactic, pauraque, pen_and_umbra, penknife, rexluscus, schemingreader, shaychana, sistermagpie, skuf, merrymelody, starrysummer, technosage, themostepotente, white_serpent, xylodemon

They Who Bring The Funny
fandom_wank, absurdwords, accio_draco, adela711, alina_kalime, alittlewhisper, babb_chronicles, bethbethbeth, bubonicplague, buttfacemakani, callmecaito, cammilabloom, chriek, cobweb_diamond, coocoocthulhu, deu_sex_machina, evilsource, expeliarbum, gibbous, backinblack, ginny_weasley, helenish, iibnf, imadra_blue, zoepaleologa, karaz, kenboy, kikithepirate, kinky_kneazle, klepto_malfoy, la_fono, lady_twatterby, lazy_daze, ldymusyc, lizardspots, malloy, marksykins, midnight_ljc, mike_smith, mina_de_malfois, mini_snape, onezeronothing, pen_and_umbra, pikacharma, prncssleia, redscharlach, reposoir, happiestwhen, merrymelody, spectacular, squirmy, stellabelle, the_spin, themostepotente, twilightsecrets, valis2

The Reccers/Reviewers
ariesathena, atrata, bethbethbeth, cordelia_v, curia_regis, elfflame, eska_rina, forbidding, hated_and_loved, hobbitdragon, hpinsanity_recs, isiscolo, jetamors, kaiz, lisamarie0921, lissannej, minervacat, musesfool, oulangi, painless_j, semielliptical, seshat1, shakatany, silentauror, son_of_darkness, spacedye_vest, starrysummer, switchknife, taradiane, themostepotente, titti, willysunny, xylodemon

The Smart 'Uns
aidenfire, annamilton, ariesathena, bethbethbeth, bubonicplague, cacophonesque, cathexys, charlottelennox, cordelia_v, daydreamweaver, destina, elinevere, evilsource, eye_knead_name, gehayi, go_back_chief, goneril, heidi8, hobviously, latxcvi, lexie_b, maeglinyedi, much_reality, patagonian, reposoir, rimadora, shaggydogstail, shakinros, sistermagpie, merrymelody, straussmonster

The Fun 'Uns
acony_bell, alchemia, amandajane5, amyjenc1, aoife_ife, ariesathena, bathsweaver, bethbethbeth, biichan, bluebirdtexas, cadesama, chriek, mafdet, copperbadge, cordelia_v, elinevere, evilsource, gehayi, godonthewater, goldie, bzzinglikeneon, hobviously, hp5freak, iibnf, geewhiz, imadra_blue, jadarene, jiayi, zoepaleologa, kaiz, lara_falcon, ldymusyc, lilith_morgana, loreliah, madam_puddifoot, maeglinyedi, mafaldaweasley, magicalobizuth, marimuffin, marksykins, mauvaise_etoile, mctabby, meivocis, michablack, midget_gem, midnitemaraud_r, mirunika, moody_proteus, myrafur, norus, oddnari, paddystar, painless_j, pen_and_umbra, piccolopirate, prettyveela, rabidfangurl, reposoir, rimadora, saturn_chiclit, scarah2, shabzilla, shocolate, happiestwhen, skuf, merrymelody, starrysummer, taradiane, the_con_cept, thermidor, tibblerooni, violet_quill, wendy, x_jasmine_x, xylodemon

The Ranters
adela711, annamilton, ataniell93, babel, bubonicplague, ciara_belle, gehayi, go_back_chief, gunderpants, imadra_blue, ishtar79, zoepaleologa, limaayel, misscam, oddnari, slytherincesss, teawithvoldy, valis2

The Betas
Note that anyone's name showing up in this list does not mean you can just randomly contact any of these people and ask them to beta-read for you. They are simply appreciated by other fandomers for betaing for them.
accio_draco, anasuede, annephoenix, bowdlerized, bozaloshtsh, ryogrande, cursescar, misscake, djin7, chasingtides, elinevere, evilsource, fluffyllama, galaxynumber5, geoviki, gizzi1213, goldie, goneril, archon_mentha, hellgirldeity, hobviously, hxcpunkchk, imadra_blue, incognito, isiscolo, issyadore, jazzypom, kaz814, lexique, luci0logy, luvboromir24506, madame_parker, Mara Greengrass, medicinal, miints, minnow_53, moonanddogstar, much_reality, nocturnali, oddnari, Pam, pen_and_umbra, rabidfangurl, anjenue, sapphyre_twins, scoradh, shikishi, happiestwhen, sionnain, snowballjane, straussmonster, suza_froda, taigan23, thisissirius, waxrose, wendynat, xcarex, zahavah

The OTP-ers and OTC-ers
People appreciated for their dedication to their OTP/favourite character and related activities, discussions, etc.

Generally Awesome
__hibiscus, _hannelore, _hill, _redux, a_belladonna, absurdwords, accio_draco, accioslash, adararosey, adora_spintriae, octagonal, agatha_s, aidenfire, alchemia, alistra, anakin415, anansay, anathema91, angel_of_chaos, anise_anise, annephoenix, anothersuperboy, aphoenix2007, aphrodeia, arabwel, katieupsidedown, ariesathena, askmehowifeel, ataniell93, atrata, cornmouse, avlyn_naturae, avus, bar_bar_ella, bathsweaver, beautyinchains, belleweather, benevolntgoddes, beren_writes, berne, best_of_five, bitchygrrl, biting_moopie, blue_blazes, blueluthien, bobojaj, bookshop, bozaloshtsh, bubonicplague, bugland, buhby, cacophonesque, caladan_dd, catrinella, ceilidh, celestialsoda, charlotteschaos, cloverdew, cocohufflepuffs, coocoocthulhu, cordelia_v, crimson_keys, crimson_stained, ryogrande, curia_regis, cursescar, cynicalpirate, dallazkatt, dametokillfor, danxsunday, darth_cabal, darthwumpus, a_blue_moon_cat, dementordelta, deora_mystic, devildoll, dinpik, dipsas, djin7, duia, dumbledoresgirl, edanielrya, ehlara, eibbil_libbie, elanor_isolda, elethoniel, elfflame, elinevere, ella_bane, elucreh, emmagrant01, erised1810, evilsource, expeliarbum, eye_knead_name, fancy_moses, ficlette, fiendling, fishuuttawatuh, flameth, fleshdress, yamapea, forthwritten, fourth_rose, frankenspam, hymenchan, frodoninmelith, froggie, galaxynumber5, gattava, gaycrow, genesisangel, geoviki, glockgal, gmth, goldie, goneril, greenie, groovy, gunderpants, hellgirldeity, hippie_girl8, hlglne, hobviously, htenywg, girlinthetrilby, igtow, iimpu, imadra_blue, indigo_kitti, inell, insanekht, irrevokable, isiscolo, ismeniak, issuegirls, jeremyduck, jamie2109, jazzypom, jengrrrl, jiayi, jimwise, juju_bean, juleet, zoepaleologa, justapresence, kaalee, kabeyk, karaz, katie8787, katrrrina, kenboy, kennahijja, kerryblaze, kinnetic17, kleio_the_muse, koneko_meow, seatricks, laridian, lazy_daze, lealynnkenobi, legomymalfoy, liebchen127, lightpoint, lilith_morgana, littledupont, littlewings04, lizardspots, lizbee, loopeygirl, loupgarou1750, luinthoron, lukesaysno, lunalelle, luci0logy, maexle, mandya06, maple_clef, mari4212, marksykins, masked_key, masterofmystery, mel06, meredyth_13, mesdesmoiselles, midnight_ljc, midnitemaraud_r, ministryotragic, minnow_53, miss_charmed, molly_diane, mongoluehring, montana_dan, moonanddogstar, moonlitpages, mousapelli, mrs_muggle, much_reality, munanna, murklins, myfavoriteshirt, myrafur, nimori, nocturnali, nonprofit_whore, nyagcpinkuneko, ocassusvenustas, oddnari, oftheunderworld, oni_ishtar, opaleyes, ordencodex, padfooturban, painless_j, paranoidsistah, pen_and_umbra, phuck, pikacharma, pir8fancier, pixychelle, pixystick, prettyveela, privatemaladict, prncssleia, ptyx, rabidfangurl, raffyv, rainpuddle13, randomspectator, ravenpan, reddwarfer, reposoir, reynard52, rimadora, anjenue, rushlight75, samuti, sapphyre_twins, sazzlette, schmoo999, scoradh, selened, seshat1, sesptwd, shadowpryde, shaggydogstail, sheafrotherdon, shezan, shikishi, shinywhimsy, gobsmackit, shocolate, shortcircuited, silentauror, silver_aspen, simmysim, happiestwhen, sionnain, skirmish_of_wit, skuf, snarkypants, snegurochka_lee, somniesperus, son_of_darkness, sopdetly, spacedye_vest, starrysummer, starstillwonder, statelines, stoicstella, straussmonster, switchknife, tangleofthorns, tapedeck, taradiane, tarie, tartanshell, tbranch, the_spin, the_undeadbride, thegraybook, therealw, thermidor, thysanotus, tipgardner, titti, uktara2, underlucius, untiemybinds, vaguely_dirty, violet_quill, vivien529, waxbean, webbapettigrew, willysunny, xingou, xylodemon, yeats, ziasudra

Someone not on here who should be? Let me know here or here. XD I do intend to maintain this list, with periodic updates, so feel free! Please comment on the original post with new names, not this one. I'm not getting the e-mail notifications for this post because of technical reasons and I will most likely not see comments posted here.

See also: tarie's What the Fandom Recommends and starrysummer's Underappreciated Authors List.

* All of you who mentioned me in your comments, your cheques are in the mail.
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