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HBP commentary, Part X

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And on that anti-climactic note, chapter 11 of HBP commentary under the cut (previous parts).

Chapter 11 -- Hermione's Helping Hand

The U-No-Poo-ing students made me giggle, but I'm wondering -- if sixth year is so intense, why has Harry never ever noticed it before? I mean, people going purple in the face and all that. Obviously it wouldn't have been relevant to him personally prior to this year, but surely he can't be so self-absorbed as not to notice people around the common room turning purple occasionally? Heh.

Hagrid's a whiny little bitch, isn't he? More on that later, but just had to get that in there, since it came up fairly early on in this chapter. Ron's really the only one who has always told it like it was regarding Hagrid. XD

Aw, Harry's all popular now. And hee. Fanciable. The H/Hr shippers must have been wetting themselves at this point, even if it totally reads like Hermione's Harry's fag hag close friend and nothing more.

Here's something -- Umbridge's quill is common knowledge now? I had been under the impression that Harry tried very hard to keep it from everyone, telling no one but Ron and Hermione. So… how did word get out?

Poor Ron, he's so obvious. "I'm tall." Hehe.

Hedwig's apparently the only snowy owl at Hogwarts. Harry, you are such a Stu. XD

I'm eyerolling at JKR's brackets, by the way.

I find it really odd that Ron would say something like "Anyone we know dead?" especially since he apparently does it all the time. Is he just worried for his family? Is it morbid curiosity?

I want a Dementor attack description, dammit. *hopes for one in book 7*

Poor Stan. Conversely, his home is in Clapham -- I wonder which one? Wikipedia lists four - one is a South London neighbourhood and three are villages in various counties. I'm guessing that JKR hadn't meant for him to be in the London suburb since that appears to be an upscale area, given the high cost of property there. Input from the locals? Or is Stan sekritly a rich boy? I'd be a bit surprised, given that he's done nothing but sell tickets on the Knight bus since pretty much having left Hogwarts. The article in this chapter lists him as being 21, which means that in PoA, he was 18, just over a year out of Hogwarts.

The other thing about Stan -- Ron's all "isn't he the one who claimed he was going to become Minister for Magic" but… wasn't that supposed to be the effect of the Veela rather than an indication of Stan's propensity to brag? Because he sure wasn't bragging about being the next anything when Harry met him in PoA. I have an urge to re-read GoF now to see if I can shed some light on this, because I honestly have always thought that Stan's bragging was just his succumbing to the charms of the Veela.

The Patil twins' parents want them to go home - this struck me for some reason. Ron's making sense, obviously - Hogwarts does seem safer than elsewhere, but -- what about the other wizarding schools? I'm surprised that no one has transferred to Durmstrang or Beauxbatons or whatever have you. I mean, obviously, there's a language barrier but if someone was determined enough… *shrugs*

Hannah Abbott's mother is dead. But… Hannah is Muggle-born. There's no indication of whether her mum was targeted specifically or if it was a random Muggle-killing, but the ominous feeling surrounding the mention of this death makes me think it was targeted. So Voldemort is murdering Muggles who have previously produced wizards? He should have gone after the Creeveys, then. >.>

Also, Ron is so cute. In the obvious way he reacts to Lavender and just -- yes. Harry's all paternally amused while totally failing to find Hermione funny for being shirty. Boys. :D

Bwah, first-years on the pitch with school brooms. You know, I've been thinking about this a lot -- I've seen various people bring this up as a canon inconsistency, but -- canon never said that first-years weren't allowed to play Quidditch, just that they weren't allowed to have their own broomsticks. This also means that Harry didn't get special treatment in first year, not really. ;)

I want to know what McLaggen's bet was, the one that required him to eat a pound of Doxy eggs. :D I like McLaggen, actually. He's like a more obnoxious and less studious Percy.

And the character dynamics here are fascinating -- Harry obviously thinks that "preferential treatment" based on off-team affiliation is distasteful and yet he doesn't hold a re-trial when he later finds out that Herms Confunded McLaggen. He keeps quiet and is glad that Ron is on the team, even though the spirit of fairness would require that he hold a re-trial. I don't begrudge him wanting to keep Ron on the team, but I really wish he'd call a fucking spade a spade. These cases are when I lose my patience for Gryffindors. :P

Apropos, I really admire the subtle way JKR places clues. When Harry sends McLaggen away, he sends him to go and stand by Hermione and this is pointed out. This is what I've always loved about the books, how a throwaway reference becomes a clue, and you never know if it'll happen in the next 20 pages or the next book.

Ooh, Harry has a whistle. I bet he feels like a big man now.

The heckler Gryff girls are funny. Laugh, dammit. "The fifth group were Hufflepuffs." - ok, this was the first point at which I seriously lol-ed while reading because of the deadpan delivery. Love it when she does that. Also, the snorting little Ravenclaws are so cute.

Demelza. Now, everyone went all "omg movie influence" because Daniel Radcliffe is all over the Demelza hospice for kids but… um. Demelza is also a Cornish name meaning "fort on the hill" and there's a Demelza cottage in Cornwall. I can totally see JKR staying there during vacation or whatever and deciding to use the name in the books, possibly even long before the movies were ever cast. I mean, I can see why people would be all "omg movie influence" but it's possible that it isn't, you know?

Ginny Weasley, who had outflown all the competition and scored seventeen goals to boot, later went on to single-handedly defeat Voldemort while both her hands were tied behind her back. She defeated him with the combined power of her shiny teeth and her unicorn Animagus. The end.

Seriously, though, gag me. I had argued against people calling Ginny a Sue in OotP -- I don't take it back. I don't think she was a Sue in OotP. But in this book, she's fucking rancid. I'm sorry, but Katie Bell's been on the team since forever; it would logically make sense for her to be the best, not Ginny-come-lately.

OMG I FOUND CAPSLOCK!HARRY. :D "Harry had also shouted himself hoarse at the many complainers." *pets Harry's capslock of doomy rage*

I do have to say - is it just me and my admittedly vague recollection of my own peers at the time that I was 16? Or are the "many complainers" terribly unrealistic? I mean -- I never really went in for team sports or anything, but I don't remember people loudly complaining if they didn't get the spot, mostly they'd just seethe or put their game faces on, really. Or is it that Gryffindors are sore losers whiners unable to face defeat gracefully? :P

Additionally, I don't remember a big stink being raised by anyone at tryouts during any other year -- possibly because we haven't seen any of the tryouts. In fact, Harry spent the fifth year tryouts in Umbridge's office carving words into his flesh -- so did he get the Seeker position by default back then? Consistency, JKR. It's called consistency. Look it up.

Why does Harry want to hide his face in his hands after Lavender says "good luck"? He didn't completely miss the whole "Lavender is making eyes at Ron" thing earlier, we know that, but here he seems to be all embarrassed because he thinks she's talking to him? Does. Not. Compute.

Also, we seem to have missed a Hermione - Lavender - Parvati catfight. Pity. XD

Harry hopes that there'll be something to eat at Hagrid's. Now, this is later qualified by the fact that he's so hungry he doesn't even mind Hagrid's cooking, but still, this made me BZUH? Because Harry's always actively avoided Hagrid's cooking before. >.O

Best line to take out of context in this chapter (aside from ridiculously pervy chapter title *cough*): "Come off it, you've ridden him, haven't you?" XD

As I said earlier, Hagrid's a whiny little bitch. I'm sorry, but Harry's lost his godfather, he's facing graver danger than ever, and all Hagrid fucking cares about is that Harry and friends are not taking his crummy Care of Magical Creatures class? Please. Am v. v. unimpressed by Hagrid's attitude and behaviour here.

Also, Hagrid appears to be backwards. He snorts, and Harry thinks he notices bogies land on the potatoes -- but doesn't a snort bring the bogies in? XD

tergether -- *sigh* I'm gonna have to update that guide to Hagrid-speak one of these days, because I do believe we have a winner here. *grump* Why can't he just die?

Two separate things I noticed here - one is that apparently, Hermione wasn't special and other students are able to apply for Time-Turners. The other thing is, well, that there are no more Time-Turners at all. Which is pretty obvious, since it's right there on the page, but for what it means -- the wizarding world is without Time-Turners unless there are ones that people own that aren't under the Ministry's control.

And I really bristled at the fact that the three of them lie about Grubbly-Plank's teaching abilities just to cheer Hagrid up. Which is possibly a testament to JKR's observational powers, because stuff like that goes on in real life all the time. Stuff like "Is my ex's new girlfriend pretty?" "No, she's bug-ugly, you're much prettier than her!" (meanwhile, the new flame is an Angelina Jolie lookalike). I hate that.

Anyway. Here we have a lovely revelation - McLaggen was Confunded, indeed, but he deserved it! Because no one is allowed to talk smack about Ron and Ginny, because clearly it's not human to dislike other people! And it's unfair and wrong! People who bag on other people deserve all the flak they get! Unless, of course, those people are Gryffindors and they're bagging on Slytherins, because Slytherins deserve to be badmouthed just for existing. Clearly.

And lo and behold, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn't even cross Harry's mind to hold a re-tryout, because hey - Ron's already Keeper and what McLaggen doesn't know won't hurt him! No, Harry won't stand for preferential treatment, not at all. He's bigger than that. *snerk*

I'm also surprised that McLaggen, a seventh-year student, doesn't eventually figure out that he had been Confunded during the tryouts.

Then we have more pointing out of just how fat Slughorn is, and by this point I think JKR honestly delights in this because come on, she really doesn't beat us over the head with Ron's red hair and freckles all the time, but the fact that Slughorn is fat is so funny! Laugh, puppets, laugh! Ugh.

Ron doesn't seem to have taken kindly to being ignored by Slughorn -- and this honestly surprises me. Because Ron… well, he ought to be used to it by now, oughtn't he? He hasn't got much going for him, and he knows this. Strangely enough, I find his indignation endearing rather than annoying; probably because he's so honest about it.

We have the Evening Prophet making an appearance again -- it hasn't since CoS, as far as I can remember.

So Malfoy manor was searched again. Ho-hum. What I really want to know is why Crabbe had that shrunken head that got confiscated and what he intended to use it for. XD

"Momentarily stymied, Harry watched Ginny Weasley playing with Arnold the Pygmy Puff for a while…" Why is she "Ginny Weasley" suddenly? And is this the part where he realises he really can't live without Ginny? *snerk*

And the end of this chapter really reminded me of GoF, just the dynamic between Harry and Ron, really. Harry totally used a low blow on Ron here, even though it's not explicated -- he's clearly noticed that Ron didn't take Slughorn's ignoring of him very well and yet he uses it against him.

And the only reason he does so, it seems, is that Ron is right in a way -- based on the facts of the matter, Harry is really better off dropping the Malfoy issue altogether. I mean, we know that he's going to persist with it but ultimately it'll turn out useless because Harry won't be able to prevent Malfoy from doing anything. He'll spy and lurk and obsess but in the end, there'll be Death Eaters at Hogwarts. It's a sobering thought.

On a lighter note, students as intra-school mail carriers? WTF.
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