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Gone witchin'

I am off to TWH! The symposium runs from the 6th to the 10th, but I'll be back next Friday (the 14th) because I'm going to spend a couple of days at a friend's after it is over. If you're going, my name badge will say 'f' on it (unless there's a typo, and then it might be 'g' or 'd'! Or even 't'! Oh, lordy. >.>).

  • Welcome banquet
  • Harry/Draco Room of Requirement

  • Fiction panel
  • Tony Toledo House Room of Requirement
  • Writers' panel

  • Drabble/art booths
  • Draco roundtable
  • H/D roundtable
  • Quidditch
  • queerditch_pub Room of Requirement
  • Fall Festival

  • Drabble/art booths
  • Slash panel
  • Hallowe'en Ball

  • Leaving Brunch

I'm also hoping to make it to the 1AM movie showings; I'll have to see how exhausted/etc I am from the rest of the daily stuff. But yeah, not attending very heavily, leaving out pretty much all of the academic stuff, in fact, because I prefer to read that kind of stuff, not listen to lectures/presentations. I did leave quite a bit of free time in case I change my mind about the academic thingers -- basically going to be as flexible as possible. Also going to do as much wandering around Salem as I can because hi, Salem. :>

If you post something between now* and next Friday that you want to make sure I don't miss, please link me (in the comments here if you can). I expect my flist's going to be at about skip=28394529384 when I return and I'm probably going to start going back through it, then give up in favour of workstuffs (which are going to pile up as well ._.).

angelgazing, atrata, ysis, shabzilla, iimpu, cjmarlowe, calixta9 and katkim -- I hope you all have wonderful birthdays. ♥

*I mean right now, I'm shutting Blaise down and leaving shortly after I post this.

*waves to all*
Tags: cons, cons:twh2005, fandom
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