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Instead of 10 vague things to various people, I'm going to do 5 take-it-or-leave-it rantlets.

1. If Draco Malfoy were to ever find out he's really a Veela, he would freak the fuck out and possibly attempt to stab innocent bystanders with a rusty pitchfork. He's got major personal pride riding on the purity of his blood, how do you think he'd take being told that he's really part animal? I know characterisation is all about a spectrum and interpretation, but some things are just wrong unless they're explained in a way that meshes with prior canon, and aren't simply crowbarred in with a dismissive (e.g.) "canon doesn't explicitly state he's not a Veela, mkay?" or worse, "canon has been wrong all this time". No, it hasn't, dipshit. Don't like how canon deals with something? Find a way out of it or around it; that's why God gave you a brain, to think your way out of things. Or -- here's a thought -- warn that your fic has little to nothing to do with canon. Either way, don't whinge when your Veela!Draco/Mate!Harry mpreg bestiality epic doesn't get the "recognition" it "deserves". *snort*

2. Marriage is not the ultimate goal to which everyone should strive. It can no more maintain a loving relationship than it can create one. "Marriage is Love" colourbars miss the point; they are effective in conveying what marriage is not but they absolutely fail at conveying what marriage is. Did that make any sense? I don't think it did. Basically, the colourbars are in support of gay marriage, and they are proclaiming that marriage is about love, not about sexuality. They're quite right that marriage is not about sexuality. However, marriage is not about love, either. Being married to someone doesn't a priori mean you love them, or that they love you -- it's possible to be in a loving relationship without being married, and marriage really has nothing to do with anything more than property rights and obsolete Judeo-Christian tenets of morality. ;p ;p ;p Bottom line: Please, find a better slogan.

3. By all means, write Mpreg. Just please don't get upset when people don't like it, and don't get defensive and start bitching every time someone attacks Mpreg as a genre. Just because you like it doesn't mean everybody should. More importantly, just because someone doesn't like Mpreg is not a reflection on those who do like it, for crying out loud. I mean, shit, there are people who don't like genfic. Some of them are on my flist, even! The mere fact that they don't like it doesn't make me think any less of them as people. It's when they feel the need to belittle genfic readers and writers in order to bolster (or worse, justify) their own hatred of genfic that I get a mite tetchy. No, genfic writers are not all frigid bitches. We just think it's interesting to write about things other than sex and various romantic entanglements. Fancy that. Just because you personally might not like reading about things that are not sexual or romantic in nature does not mean that it's somehow bad when others do. Grow up. Same goes for any sort of genre hate -- feel free to hate the genre, just don't attack the writers of that genre or try to psychoanalyse them; that only makes you look like a spectacular asshat.

4. TWH was slash-centric? Can I get a WTF? Yes, there were tonnes of slashers present but really now, people. Just because we're slashers doesn't mean that all we're ever interested in is cock. It's like being a slasher means you're a certain type of person and that's just fucking ridiculous. If we were all the same type of person, we'd all like each other, and that's definitely not the case, is it? ;D There wasn't any more slash-oriented programming than other types of programming and just because the slashers were loud and proud and more fun than the non-slashers doesn't make all of TWH magically slash-centric, for the love of Fawkes.
Also, I read somewhere that someone bemoaned the "under-representation" of rarepairs in TWH programming.


They're called RARE pairs for a reason, geniuses.

5. Lately I have to put disclaimers onto everything because it seems like every time I say something remotely un-PC, somebody somewhere gets their knickers in a twist, and usually I don't hear of it until weeks later. So have a disclaimer: just because I do not like/agree with some things in fandom doesn't mean I hate the people who like/agree with them. K? K. And for the last time, I'm not telling people what to do. It's called an opinion. Look it up. I hear is pretty good for that. *snort*
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