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HBP commentary, Part XI

bzzinglikeneon is doing a variation on the Friending Frenzy. If you missed it the first time around (or didn't), go forth and play. This one asks you to pimp other people, too. :D

[22:46] furiosity: I HAVE A POT! :D
[22:46] imadra_blue: a pot!
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On that rather exciting note, have some HBP commentary (previous parts).

Chapter 12 -- Silver and Opals

Harry's sense of entitlement boggles the mind sometimes. I mean, there's a war going on and he thinks there's nothing more important than his bloody lessons with Dumbledore (shoosh, Snoy, I hear you cackling about their great and t00by love). As for feeling abandoned by Dumbledore, Harry ought to be used to it by now.

The first trip to Hogsmeade is halfway through October. Hear that, fanauthors? Not Christmas. It's never at Christmas, except in that expensive fanflick. :P

Harry's in bed with Snape's book. Hee. *waves to Snarry shippers*

Harry tried a toenail-growing spell on Crabbe and this was highly amusing! Yet when Draco's (misfired) spell caused Hermione's teeth to grow alarmingly fast in GoF, it was appalling. Ok, then. Also, Filch deserves to be hexed, surely. *snort*

Muffliato seems like an odd spell. Wouldn't the people affected by the unidentifiable buzzing have trouble hearing everything else, too?

Well, Harry's certainly slow to catch on, isn't he? The minute I read about Ron dangling upside-down, I thought "GoF Death Eaters omg!"

I love Ron. "Tomorrow, I'd rather you set the alarm clock." Also -- aha moment. They have alarm clocks at Hogwarts. XD

Ron grins his dialogue at breakfast. *facepalm* *hands skyward* Wah.

I have a feeling that "not Ministry of Magic-approved" spells will show up and be important again, possibly most important.

This is where I'm really beginning to think that the Trio are being set up for a fall in their perception of the "other" side, because when Hermione gets in a snit about spells that cause people to hang upside-down, Ron immediately brings up Fred and George (as likely to think something like that would be fun). There's been a lot of meta on how Fred and George are no better than the Slytherins with their pranks, and this is the first indication that JKR might have similar ideas. I could be wrong, of course, because Fred and George's victims are usually chosen randomly, but they do seem to reserve a special kind of malice for Slytherins and "bad guys".

I really wonder why Harry still hasn't told Ron and Hermione about having seen Snape's "worst memory". *eyebrow*

Is Hermione really in that much denial about her jealousy of Harry's newly acquired Potions skillz or is she really not jealous?

Hermione says something here -- "there aren't enough pure-blood wizards left" -- and that just made me go zomg because I wrote about that in Danse Macabre, and I had actually forgotten that Hermione ever said this in HBP. She also says that a lot of the Death Eaters are probably simply pretending to be pure-blood while they're actually half-bloods. How likely is this? How likely is it that families like the Blacks or the Malfoys are only pretending to be pure-blood, with carefully doctored family trees -- we've already seen that names can be blasted off tapestries. Do they always leave a mark? Omg, I think a plot bunny just ate my brain.

Harry is able to "push" thoughts out of his mind and worry about them later. I wonder what "other" kinds of thoughts are being "pushed out" offscreen. Mwee hee. Oh, Harry. You're such a closet case.

Badly constructed sentence alert on page 227. Paging JKR's editors, code blue!

So is Ginny's bringing Dumbledore's next lesson missive to Harry supposed to be another one of those things that let us know she's the ideal girl for Harry? "Will be Dumbledore's bitch for you" is apparently Ideal Girl Job Description.

Well, Harry certainly doesn't mind being turned down for Hogsmeade by Ginny. Also, abrupt much? WTF? "Yay lessons! Now let's go to Hogsmeade!" It's like Potter Puppet Pals, only canon.

Filch/Secrecy Sensor = OTP!!!!1eleventy!1 Also, Ron/Secrecy Sensor. Whee!

Slughorn is huge. Enormous. Large. Fat. Yes, Jo, thanks We get it. We really do. You think he ought to lay off the crystallised pineapple or at least invest in a Thighmaster. Give it a rest, woman.

Since when does it fill Harry and Ron with glee to think of Hermione having a bad time of it somewhere? Oh, since Ginny arrived on the scene and needed to be emergency-inserted into every Trio interaction all of a sudden. Ugh, I hated the part about Harry, Ron and Ginny having a laugh at Hermione's expense. I love the Trio, man, and Ginny can just go drown herself in the lake. >:(

Hermione is going to go places, man. She seems to be the only one in Gryffindor who isn't all "ew, Slytherins," actually. Good girl. I like her a little better now.

Ha. Aberforth is so buying stuff off Dung and then returning it to the House of Black via Dumbledore.

*fans self* I don't ship Dung/Harry or anything, but hi, wall-slamming is canon, eeee! And he swears. Loudly. :">

Tonks's random appearances annoyed me throughout the book, but I have faith there's going to be an explanation for this shit.

Hermione calming Harry down and imploring him to stop yelling because people are staring! I loved this scene so much! Hermione's cool factor went ever higher with me in this book. I dunno what the Harmonians are on about regarding the bastardisation of her character, man.

I'm actually pretty surprised that Hermione assumes that Harry is upset because his property rights are being violated. I mean, anyone who knows Harry and has heard what he'd just said to Dung -- clearly he's pissed off because Sirius's memory is being disrespected. So I don't understand why Hermione of all people doesn't get it and assumes he's upset because Dung took his things.

At least she waits for Harry (but not necessarily Ron) to finish his Butterbeer before she suggests hightailing it out of there. Girl's got manners. :D

Blaise is lolling against a pillar not far away from where the Trio are sitting. We know Draco is in detention at this point. Maybe Blaise was there to oversee things went as planned? Maybe he's helping Draco? *fervently searches for Draco/Blaise subtext*

And in response to awful weather, Harry's thoughts stray to Ginny and of course he scowls because suddenly Ginny is sooo important. Colour me unimpressed. How is bad weather = Ginny? Jo, put that contract with Harlequin away and just keep writing the adventure stuff, k?

On a more positive note, JKR writes action really well. That scene with Katie and Leanne? So very clearly laid out, I could see it happening as though I was trailing behind the Trio. Just yes. Really well-done action.

Though minor characters might need a bit of work. Leanne gets mentioned about ten times on three pages of text and we've yet to have a physical description. Does she get to be Random Girl with Ravenclaw Scarf?

Imperiused. Not Imperio'd. That is all. Also, this is the first canon instance of a curse name being used as a verb. Please note that "Avada Kedavraed" and "Cruciatused" do not follow from this. >_>

I do wonder what Snape did with that necklace.

"Well, he would look a bit of a prat carrying a necklace." God, I love Ron. So much. *squishes him*

omg. Harry is *STUBBORN*

The idea of Draco in detention with McGonagall is just too good not to be written into fic. Tell me someone other than me has written this? Bonus if the phrase "don't fuck with McG" features in any way. >_>

I love how Ron turfs a first-year out of an armchair by the fire and this is just mentioned in passing, and Hermione simply prods him out of the chair just as casually. Yet when Draco and gang kick first-years out of a carriage, this is a crime deserving capital punishment, even if we don't know whether perhaps Pansy does the same thing with first-year Slytherins and Draco. What would Hermione have done if it was a Slytherin first-year that Ron had turfed out of an armchair anywhere? I'm pretty close to saying I refuse to believe that JKR isn't doing this intentionally, man.

"But since when has Malfoy been one of the world's great thinkers?" Priceless, Harry. Just priceless. And so true! Since when? I love Draco and I love Einstein, but not for the same reasons.
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