April 19th, 2005

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In defence of genfic.

In the past couple of months, since starting hp_gen_ch, I've seen people say that they don't read genfic ever. What more, some people say they hate genfic.

I know several people (and there are hundreds more I don't know, no doubt) who don't read fic at all -- that's different. Fic is the ultimate in creative canon interpretation and it's the area where most fanon hangs out; some are allergic to fanon. These members of fandom are often seen discussing the source material or (sometimes, to a lesser extent) role-playing.

I can certainly understand wanting to avoid any and all fic, Reorx knows I've sometimes contemplated doing the same but I'm a writer at heart and I can't write if I don't read other fic to see what's been done to death. It's why I stopped writing in the Matrix fandom: I was too busy with trying to participate in meta and keep up with admin duties at TMC; I didn't have time to read fic in that fandom.

Genfic, the way I've always looked at it, is like meta in fic form. In my first ever Matrix fan fiction, Neo Takes the Blue Pill (which has been on hiatus since early 2001 *eyes it warily*), I tried to invent new ways of interfacing with the Matrix, new roles for ship crew, new functions for the various machines, new characters, new special abilities -- you get the idea. I really strove to make sure all of it made sense given canon.

I basically took my ideas about what could exist in the universe and wrote a story that incorporated them, rather than write a non-fiction treatise on them. It's certainly meta, but it's couched in a fictional story rather than an essay or whatnot. There are also several shippy story arcs in Blue Pill but they aren't the reason I wrote the thing.

Anyway, enough about that fandom, let's talk about HP. ;D

The way I see it, disliking genfic as a genre of fannish writing makes just as much sense as disliking the existence of meta.Collapse )
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