May 18th, 2005

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I'm just here for the what now?

It makes me wonder when people say they're in a fandom merely for the porn. Buh? Doesn't that mean they could be in any fandom, theoretically? Well, maybe not My Little Pony, but anything can be pornified. (And plz to not be giving me links to MLP porn. I hereby preemptively agree that I'm wrong about that, thanks.) And really, sex is sex. Harry and Draco having angry wallsex in the broom shed is physically going to be the same as angry wallsex between any other antagonistic male characters in any other work, they've got the same bits and there are only so many positions they can try. So what is it that makes the porn "fan" fiction rather than simply insta-porn with other people's characters (and [perhaps inadvertently] a guaranteed readership...)?

No, really, what?Collapse )

In the end, there is sex, and sex is good (when it doesn't involve Lucius/Mrs Norris...). I just wonder if people who say "I'm just here for the porn" actually mean that literally. Sometimes I also wonder if there shouldn't be a fandom for porn. :))

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