May 30th, 2005

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Adventures in canon-whoring, part the umpteenth.

So, canon. I love canon, it's ace. It's why I'm in fandom, really, which means that when I read fan fiction, I would like it to resemble the canon -- not necessarily in writing style because Reorx knows that there is such a thing as too many adverbs. People's interpretation of what is canon differs greatly -- some consider every word JKR utters about the series canon, some only consider the source text, yet others pick and choose.

I tend to write with the source texts in mind and I do try to keep to what JKR says -- for example, she's shot down Draco/Hermione and Neville/Luna. She's said that Ron is not Dumbledore and that Neville is definitely not special because of the prophecy, that Harry is The Chosen One and Neville's role is simply that of a person who could have been The Chosen One but wasn't because of a choice that Voldemort made. Some consider it unfair that she interprets the books for us and on one hand, I totally agree with them, because really, thousands of people would be unemployed if there were only one way to interpret each work of literature.

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Thoughts & opinions always welcome. :)
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