July 21st, 2005

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That Draco Dude

In case you missed it, TLC and Mugglenet have posted the second part of their interview with JK Rowling [spoilers in link]. She had stuff to say about Draco and obviously - even though I haven't talked much about him in my spoilery commentary yet... there are just things here that are canon really, at least to me - since this is the character's creator speaking about the character. And some things she says are NOT canon to me and never going to be because, well, they are not so much with the logic. And logic is my first love - it always comes before canon. If canon doesn't go with logic, I side with logic. Sorry? >.>

And obviously, with a side of the obligatory "Draco fan reaction to being called a Felton fangirl" - sort of. If you're expecting wank, you will probably be disappointed. Sorry? >.>

Excerpts from TLC interview and my commentary. SPOILERS.Collapse )
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