July 29th, 2005

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HBP commentary, Part VI [SPOILERS] -- The Slug Club

[14:58] furiosity: i was in the sun for 4 hours O______O
[14:58] goneril: uh-oh
[14:58] goneril: did you use suncream?
[14:58] furiosity: of course not. sunscreen is for white people.
[14:58] goneril: *scolds*
[14:59] furiosity: dun scold omg :( u'll hurt my feelings
[14:59] goneril: suncream is for people who don't want skin cancer *stern*
[14:59] furiosity: bah, I'll have lung cancer first
[14:59] goneril: haha well ok


With friends like these, who needs enemies? XD <3 Velly. ♥

While at the beach, I read HBP and made more notes, and so! The Slug Club. BOM BOM BOM BOM BA DUM BOM BA DOOOOOOM! (CAPS LOCK: IT'S LIKE THE CRUISE CONTROL FOR AWESOME). HBP Commentary: previous parts.

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