September 19th, 2005

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Queerditch drabbles

1. A very happy birthday t' midnitemaraud_r! I hope ye be havin' a lovely tide, hon. ♥


3. Gigantic Celebration: authors rec themselves as compiled by kaalee.

4. I failed utterly at drabblin' fer queerditch_pub tonight, but that be on accoun' o' th' Harry/Neo story I be writin' fer tipgardner; it has eaten me brain. Well, at first I be sea sick an' feverish an' then th' fic ate me brain. Aye, I be goin' t' sit on 't fer a couple o' days an' be seein' if 't still makes sense after I nay longer be havin' a fever.

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ETA: Thanks t' eye_knead_name fer th' handy Buccanneer translator.