November 22nd, 2005

ichigo calendar

A nice rest at the detox

0001 - *shakes with silent laughter* This won't make much sense except to the Russians (or Russian speakers with knowledge of the thieves' cants) amongst you, but omfg! Rap rendition of Murka. *rolls around* I died a little, I swear. :))

0010 - I've made yesterday's post with the H/D and Draco questions private, now. I promise I will tell all (and make the post public again) soonishly. ♥ Thanks to everyone who played! *cackles*

0011 - I was doing research for a fic (maps and aerial photos and driving directions, oh my!) and found surfing wank. As in, surfers wanking on the internets about etiquette and such. There were accusations of "jumped-up little wanker" and demands for real names to be revealed and ... yeah. Wow. o.O

0100 - I've worked over 40 hours in the past four days.

0101 - And on that note, I shall excuse myself with "I'm overworked and stressed the fuck out, damn you" and proceed to ...rant a bitCollapse )
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