February 14th, 2006

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20 Harry/Draco fics

Happy Valentine's Day! >:)

Today I have a grab bag of twenty (20) H/D fics. These range in length from 200 words to 1000. All of them carry an angst warning. Some also include blood, violence, character death and noncon -- please to be looking at the warnings before reading. The ratings go up to NC-17. There may or may not be one schmoopy Valentine's Day fic in there (well, as schmoopy as I get really).

These were all originally written for queerditch_pub but I've remixed/expanded many (but not all) of them for 20_claims; beneath the cut, there is a prompt table with links to fics. There are 9400 words altogether.

20 Harry/Draco fics [table]Collapse )

therealw, goldie, much_reality, pikacharma -- I ♥ you all so much. :x :x