April 2nd, 2006

ichigo calendar

...in which f rambles, rambles, and then rambles some more! What a surprising turn of events!

0001 - hp_springsmut Draco/Blaise for mee! :D :D The Deal (R) sfklfjk plotty and long and twisty and turny. Really great fic. *_*

0010 - I was thinking about the term "canon nazi" (which I gleefully use to apply to myself, natch). It occurred to me that it can be taken to the extreme to the point of absurdity. On canon nazi-ing and assumptionsCollapse )

0011 - Am actually done answering comments from way back. *pats self* I rule. Even if you did get a response to a three-week-old comment today and thought, "wow, what a loser". :-P

0100 - In general, I'm fandom-happy at the moment; there is no immediate pressure to do anything really and that's a nice feeling to have. However. karaz, I picked up your request for the serpentinelion Fantasy Fest and it's currently attempting to eat a rather large hole through my brain. I hope you're happy now. XP The other thing that's due at the end of the month is omniocular's Non-Fiction Fest (for which claiming is open), that should be fun. :>

0101 - So I was listening to Episode One of slashcast when it was released (you should all listen to it, btw, it is awesome on a stick) and heard something in the discussion on slash as fetish that kinda made me wonder a bit. *meanders in an extremely wordy and tangential fashion*Collapse )

0110 - Wikipedia explains a popular form of Russian humour. I died and went to heaven, man. It is all the explanation I will ever need for why my Russian jokes are never funny to non-Russian speakers. Reading it all in English, it really doesn't seem as funny as it does in Russian. XD