September 24th, 2006

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saw you crashing around the bay

0001 - No reviews this week 'cause I read only one fic; I'll just include that review in next week's batch.

0010 - You know, I rather enjoy watching fandom wank from the sidelines. I genuinely find it hilarious when people get all het up, say, over a bunch of fictional characters and try to prove their ship's canonicity by quoting, I dunno, Sartre or whatever. I don't, however, think that wank is a necessary/crucial part of fandom. I mean, it's inevitable. Personalities will clash and deeply held beliefs will be challenged, but y'know, that's not what I'm here for. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. I've just seen a couple of posts today saying "wow, no wank? fandom must be sooper dead" And I just kind of went "..." 'cause it sure doesn't look or feel dead to me. :))

0011 - As a sort of corollary, there is something that's always baffled me about HP fandom. Disagreement appears to be anathema. Not everywhere, obviously, but generally, I've always got the feeling that it's best not to say anything or just mutter behind a flock if you disagree with someone. It took me a good while to get used to that. My first participatory fandom was The Matrix and I honestly probably would've quit that fandom far earlier if discussion hadn't been as free as it was (at least at the board where I hung out). I mean, you could say anything. But you also had to realise that someone would more than likely disagree, and you had to be prepared to defend your point. Ironically, it was in the Matrix fandom that I picked up the best tips for argumentative essay writing for my uni stuffs. The best of the 'serious' (*snerfle*) meta posts anticipated possible counter-arguments and addressed them before they could be raised, that sort of thing. It was fun. :P I mean, I suppose one part of it is that on LJ, a journal is kind of like somebody's house, and if you walk into someone else's house (journal) and don't like the decor (opinions), it's generally rude to say so to the house owner. But eh, I think this sort of thing stifles communication. Obviously it's not on to go to someone else's journal and be rude to them, but there's a difference between being rude and disagreement about opinions (even if said disagreement is heated). Do you think it's just the nature of LJ that leads to the "keep your mouth shut/disagree elsewhere" attitude, or is it something that's unique to the HP fandom? And if so, why?
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