October 22nd, 2006

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You're all gangsters? No, we're Russians.

No reviews today; I'm actually not going to read anything until I finish my holiday exchange fics. Once that's done, I'll catch up with the Prophet and also post the two reviews from last week and the one from this week.

Instead, I have a poll. I've heard people say that the whole idea of "what's locked stays locked" is reliant on the honour system. But is it really? If user A makes a locked post and user B reposts it anywhere, user A can get user B (or any journal where the repost is made) ToSed. From what I understand, this is done under the aegis of copyright infringement. But what if the repost is done to a place other than LJ (that doesn't necessarily have a copyright policy)? What if user B doesn't repost the thing verbatim but rephrases it? What if user B merely mentions something said behind flock in a place other than the originator's journal?

Let's imagine a pair of LJ users, Mary Sue and Sue Ellen. They are on each other's friends lists but their friends lists do not overlap significantly (i.e. there are people reading Sue Ellen's journal who have access to Mary Sue's locked posts, but there are not many such people). Let's say there is also Lee-Ann, a friend of Sue Ellen's who is not on Mary Sue's flist.

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