November 5th, 2006

ichigo calendar

на каждом шагу подстерегает капкан

0001 - Cyber bullying rises in S Korea - Online mobs first demonise those they disagree with, then the victim's home address, credit card details, and even their boss's phone numbers get passed around. All of Korea's police stations now have a cyber terror unit to help deal with the problem.

0010 - US Citizens to Require Clearance to Leave the Country? - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has proposed a system which will in essence make it mandatory for you to have permission before leaving or entering the country, effectively putting everyone on a no-fly list unless the government says otherwise. Interestingly, the proposal does not seem to cover personal travel, only that on some sort of carrier like an airline or cruise vessel. While this certainly is concerning, it isn't exactly new, as a passport is already required for circumstances covered under the proposal. [Slashdot discussion]

0011 - Britain is `surveillance society' - Fears that the UK would "sleep-walk into a surveillance society" have become a reality, the government's information commissioner has said. Richard Thomas, who said he raised concerns two years ago, spoke after research found people's actions were increasingly being monitored. Researchers highlight "dataveillance", the use of credit card, mobile phone and loyalty card information, and CCTV.

0100 - Err. I can only get through barely half a mission of Starcraft before Blaise starts to overheat and threaten to shut down. Time for a new computer, I think. I can tolerate the overheating when I'm writing (autosave every 5 minutes FTW) or just fucking around on the internets, but you are not allowed to distract me from my gaming, Blaise. It's been fun. By the end of January, you shall be known as "glorified storage medium" and will probably be demoted to Greg. Or Vincent. Or Pansy. XD
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