December 16th, 2006

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you've made a fool of everyone

Thank you for the mistletoe, mousie! ♥♥♥

On Tomorrow &c:

As you might know, I don't review stuff from anon exchanges in which I'm a participant until the stories are posted with author names attached, for the sake of preserving anonymity. Well, I tried reading H/D that's not from Smutmas or H/D Holidays to post some reviews tomorrow. I just failed to be interested in most, and for those that looked promising, I failed to read past the first few sentences or so. I know I said I would post reviews on Sundays again, but I can't post reviews if I don't end up reading anything because all of what's there is either from a fest I'm a part of or stuff I know I'll hate. :P I have read a few of the exchange H/D fics, but I contiune to be most impressed with Under a Cold, Wan Moon.

It is, quite simply, the best H/D story I've read in ages. A lot of the fic I've read (and written, come to think of it) in the past year or so, feels almost... manufactured. Instant romance powder; just add lube! This story doesn't even go near that territory -- it's engaging, it's interesting, it's real. I mean, it out-canons my metaphorical hard-on for canon, and that's saying something. It's just one of those stories that stays with you -- little details from it will suddenly reappear in your mind. It is, as someone once said, what little H/D stories aspire to be when they grow up. H/D needs more stories like these, imo -- this is what can be done with the canon that we have in front of our noses, sans excuses that canon makes things too difficult for this ship. Fuck no, it doesn't. Canon is what makes the ship interesting.

On Today:

And now I am off to get ready for tonight's work xmas party. I have a Cunning Plan today, wherein I'm going to order virgin margaritas on the sly and pretend like they aren't, because I'm driving down and I don't want people getting on my case about having a drink. I don't drink and drive, see. I've been known to get extremely bitchy when people try to cajole me into "just one drink" when I've got car keys in my purse. So I figured instead of ruining someone's night by snapping at them, I'll pretend to be drinking so people won't get on my case and risk getting snapped at. XD
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