May 23rd, 2007

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does it hurt to know I'll never be there

You know, I was going to make it political and wax rhapsodic about gun control, but fuck that. A teenager is dead. I'm guessing he was looking forward to the summer holidays, but now he can't care about those any more. Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught a bullet meant for someone else. Or maybe he got shot because he was involved in drug trafficking. Hell, maybe he got shot because he got The Girl and some other guy didn't. Maybe a girl shot him for cheating on her. Maybe a boy did. At the end of the day, does it really matter? His mother's not going to see him again, except in a coffin.

And yeah, people get shot every day, big fucking deal, but I'm allowed to feel shitty that it happened in my back yard. I'm also pissed because I know that tomorrow some racist fuck's going to be on the radio talking about how this sort of thing never happens at white schools. Except it does, but nobody likes to talk about it. Hell, there was a shooting (non-fatal) at my predominantly white school when I was a teen. That was never on TV, though. I wonder why. Because nobody died? Yeah, right. This sort of shit isn't supposed to happen here. :| Oh look, instead of gun control I'm trying to go off on racism. Don't mind me, I just blog here.

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Well, there's my schizophrenic entry of the night. See ya on the flip side.

ETA And I'm a totally worse loser for forgetting -- thank you, anonymous LJ giftie giver. I ♥ you, whoever you are.
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