May 29th, 2007

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I don't even watch these comms, but

pornish_pixies. The maintainer hasn't heard from the Abuse team. Yet? ETA the Kindly Uncle: Update on the PP situation.

What happened to "LJ will never suspend without warning/notice"? Apparently, that's a rumour too, because I can see why they'd need to suspend a journal before they investigate.

ETA: Just FYI, daily_deviant, unlike PP, was not suspended by LJ; it was temporarily deleted by its maintainers until the coast clears.

Cousin of ETA: catrinella has a comprehensive resource post on the issue.

That rumour half the fandom took seriously and half didn't? Partially true. (Thanks, delaria and alittlewhisper). I knew it had to be, because the journal I first read it on was definitely not someone who's prone to fannish meltdowns over every little thing. However, it's still a relief that this crap isn't aimed at fandom specifically.

Third Rock from the ETA: Fiction is not illegal.
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ichigo calendar

everybody's gonna love today

Okay, as a follow-up to this, I just read this comment by cordelia_v in femmequixotic's journal and I agree. If these Intrepid Wanker people (or whatever their name is) could push SixApart to make LJ suspend journals, we in fandom can push right back and demand that LJ unsuspend those journals that don't deserve to be suspended.

They are, essentially, suspending communities devoted to fiction based on the assumption that this fiction might possibly in the future lead to actual criminal activity. (Or so I understand from the legal jibba-jabba). Except for one little thing. IANAL, but even I know that fiction featuring child abuse and incest is NOT ILLEGAL in the United States, precisely because it has been established that fiction =/= reality. If LJ can suspend a community like pornish_pixies, then the cops should be able to arrest V.C. Andrews for Flowers in the Attic. Since the cops, under current laws, cannot do the latter, LJ SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO THE FORMER. There is just no fucking question about it. Fiction is fiction, and writing fiction is not illegal, no matter what it depicts. There can be no liability for hosting a journal whose owner or contributors write FICTIONAL porn, so all that talk about increased liability is bullshit.

Dude, I don't even read chan or incest. Hell, I don't even like either; they both squick me. But this isn't about my fic-reading preferences. This is just a knee-jerk response to bullying, because that's exactly what those Interstellar Wingnuts are, well-meaning they may be -- they're nothing but bullies. And as the good folks at FanLib can attest, fandom does not lie down and take it when we're being bullied, do we? Do we.

Don't take it out on LJ Abuse. They're just doing their job, and their job is to comply with orders from SixApart. The people you're looking for are in SixApart's legal department. This page might prove helpful.
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