July 3rd, 2007

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i put on my robe and pimp hat

Hey guys,

If you're a ficcer and going to Prophecy, you might want to consider signing up for fan fiction readings that are being held in the Common Room -- they are running day-and-night fan fic readings, and even NC-17 material is welcome (though NC-17 fics will be scheduled late at night).

They're looking for volunteer readers and authors to sign up and share some of their favourite fic. The link says that you have to be registered to participate, but the Prophecy organisers have recently dropped that requirement -- anyone can sign up to read, but you have to fill out the form and sign up so they can schedule it according to their plans.

I personally have not signed up to read, because I'm rather neurotic when it comes to talking about my fic, let alone reading it out loud. At Lumos, during the crack panel, we were supposed to read excerpts from our fics, and I made poor shabzilla listen to me spaz and rehearse because I was just all kl;asdfasdffsdka at the idea of reading my own fic as if I was some kind of Real Author. It helped that we were both slightly sloshed, but I digress. My point is, I feel funny reading my own fic to an audience, but I think I just have Issues. >.> I might possibly sign up to read and request that they schedule me for 3AM on Saturday so I can read an excerpt from Mr Personality (the one with the chicken coops) to myself, an unusually small Chihuahua, and perhaps a tipsy hobo named Alfred.

Anyway, for those of you who are Issue-free, plz to be signing up! And tell me when you're reading; I will try my best to stop by and heckle provide amusing sound effects listen. :D
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