July 13th, 2007

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*insert random keysmashing to imitate the ice cream truck's jingle*

Saw OotP last night. Four things I can say firmly: cut for mild spoilersCollapse )

I'll have to give it another viewing just so I remember more individual scenes, but overall, I found it to be just another glorified and expensive fanfic, like the rest of the films [with the notable exception of PoA].

I HAS A FANART! karaz has safeguarded the picture I drew at Lumos during a fanart game that involved pulling pieces of paper with objects written on them and having to draw the objects together as a scene. My prompt was Fleur in a casino bar with an ear-pierce gun. The result was, er, this. Yeah, don't worry. I'm definitely not quitting my day job or buying a studio boat. XD

lolcutCollapse )

ETA: In other news, the reveals for hd_holidays have gone up! I wrote Bad Company (NC-17; violence) for lizardspots; it is quite a departure from how I usually write the pairing, but I've been trying different things in this last gasp before the end. Preparing myself for the inevitability of necessary AU?

Son of ETA: *facepalm* I am such a loser for forgetting to add this. Many thanks to 1ightning for writing The Perfect Drug for me. ♥
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