August 13th, 2007

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This is only getting posted to LJ, because it doesn't affect any of the other journals.

I really didn't want to do this, but at this point, I have no choice. This journal is friendslocked until further notice, because thanks to this completely brain-dead twit and others, the Attorney fucking General of California's office is likely about to come poking around fandom. Despite the fact that I'm Canadian and I'm not under the jurisdiction of California law, this journal, like all your journals, sits on a server in California. I doubt they would try to extradite me so I could answer for the heinous crime of fanfic, but they can still suspend my LJ, which is not something I want.

I'll unlock things again after this has passed (er, not sure how long that's going to take), and I'll go back and reopen non-fic things later today -- it was just easier to lock everything at once instead of going back and searching for the fic. I suppose this gives me an excuse to trawl through my archives and reorganise my tags.

ETA: If you've ever paid LJ for anything, they have your real name and address. Just saying.

ETA2: This is totally unclear from the above, and I apologise -- I'm not going on 100% lockdown and avoiding all public posting. I'm going to slowly unlock the non-fic stuff that I locked today and I'll still post here; I just won't post fic until this blows over.
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