October 10th, 2007

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ночные ветры принесут тебе прохладу

Dear Ontarians,

It is election and referendum day*. Plz to be voting.


* There are some people in my neighbourhood who feel it necessary to stick Progressive Conservative/Tory support banners onto every lawn, even those with Liberal/Green/Communist party support banners already present. Forget the blatant disrespect of people's choices when you stick a Tory banner IN FRONT OF a Liberal banner, but uh, hi, NOT YOUR PROPERTY, YOU DIMWIT. GIT OFF MAI LAWN. LITERALLY. XD

Dear everyone else,

As a peace offering for being semi-political, I direct you to A VRY DEEREKT METHUD OV REDEMPSHUN, a special Pottercats installment I did for sarahtales's birthday a few weeks ago.

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