October 16th, 2007

ichigo calendar

de tetszik ami itt van, kattanok rá

0001 -
[23:34] furiosity: i don't think there are any songs about tapioca
[23:34] evilsource: there should be. Just for crack value
[23:34] furiosity: ...
[23:34] furiosity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYa7ROg1Ff0
[23:34] evilsource: AHAHAHA OMK!
[23:34] furiosity: DYING
[23:35] evilsource: AMAZING
[23:36] furiosity: jeez. what's next? rutabaga rock?
[23:36] furiosity: ...i'm so not googling that.

0010 - Ahem. In other, non-exotic vegetable-related news:


Like snarry_games but now with 0 added Snarry and 100% more H/D!

About time H/D had another fest-type thingy. :>

0011 - lolcutCollapse )

0100 - And a poll, composed entirely of ticky boxes! Please note that for the purposes of this poll, I used this page* so if you are one of those people who peevishly insist that tomato is a fruit, you might be mildly annoyed.

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