October 24th, 2007

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бесконечное соло и не сыграть его нам без фальши

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WHAT THIS GUY SAID. SERIOUSLY. This is exactly how I feel about the whole "omg Dumbledore is gay and Aberforth gave goats longer horns!" debate. A part of me loves that she said he's gay, because now the anti-slash people can sit and fucking spin. But that is the bitter fandomer, not the fan. Not the reader, not the person who fell in love with Harry & company. The fan? Agrees with the article. :\

It's not even about fanfic. The epilogue basically necessitated AU (or the milder-but-meaning-the-same-thing EWE), and hey, canon rape will happen even if JKR publishes an hour-by-hour account of Harry's life after the first breath he drew upon defeating Voldemort, until his death at 350. I hate that she's running around telling people how it is because she has had seven books to tell us how it is and has always maintained that those books were going to tell her whole story. cut for lengthCollapse )

And for my next act, a meme! Stolen from bzzinglikeneon and mellafe.

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And let's not forget bonus lolcat.
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