November 4th, 2007

ichigo calendar which f visits the hallowed shores of tl;dr

You know, I rarely click on people's "this is how I write" posts because, well. I've found what works for me through trial, error, and bashing my head repeatedly against a wall a la Dobby. Reading other ways that work great for others only serves to distract me from my way: I get excited and start trying different things -- and end up accomplishing less than I would have done sticking to the status quo. But I've also met quite a few folks who love other people's insights into "the writing process", because that's how they learn best - by collecting tidbits of various ways and making them their own.

Lately I've been trying to structure my writing time more and be a little bit more organised: learn to use my time wisely instead of getting mired in one aspect of writing (or rewriting) at the expense of others. So I sat down and made a sort of map to how I go from a blank page to X number of words. I figured that putting it in my LJ wouldn't hurt anyone -- it'll give me an insta-accessible reminder wherever I go, people who enjoy these sorts of posts might be entertained, and people like me who rarely want insight into others' writing process can just scroll on by.

So, without further ado: Collapse )
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